July 25, 2015


Provo MTC


Elder Buckway

Week 2!

Hello everyone!!!

What a nice week compared to the first couple days. Well, on the other hand, each day is 10+ hours of class, plus teaching investigators in spanish, and everything else that we get to enjoy here at the MTC.

Starting with last saturday, it was a nice break from everything that happened the first couple days. My district and I went to go play volleyball, which I promptly jammed my thumb and it swelled over the rest of that day. That was not fun, but the rest of the day was! we went to temple, and when we got back, everyone was crying and so spiritual over the rest of the day. It amazing how strong my district is in faith and spirit.

Sunday was incredible. It started first with classwork, writing talks in spanish (because we have no idea who is going to speak until church starts) and getting ready for the day. Church was nice and we had a good couple of lessons from president swenson that were really good and motivational. MTC choir was one of the highlights of the day though, with 900+ people singing, it was a pretty cool experience. That was about 5:00 in the afternoon, and after that was the devotional. One of the branch presidents spoke on perfect obedience and how almost exact obedience brings almost blessings. The highlight of the night was the movie afterwards. They showed us 'Character of Christ', a talk by elder bednar that talks about how we need to turn outwards to others in our afflictions instead of turning in and being selfish. It really changed me in that moment, like, I could tell from the beginning that the talk was going to change me, and it did. If you haven't heard it, I recommend it very much.

Monday was a bit odd. We taught our investigator, geovany, again, after planning for hours, and it did not go very well. Although he did commit to prayer. After that I Got a letter from Kara! It was a very good pick me up, (im sorry i couldn't email you personally about it, but i don't know your email :( ) but thank you nonetheless! that was at dinner, and after that we had class. That is when the day went downhill. everyone in our class got very very stressed out since we were told we would get one new investigator on top of the lesson we had to prepare for geovany the next day. I was trying to apply what I had learned the night before, and turned outward to the investigators and to my district, but the spirit was lost with their complaining. I just wanted to tell them, God wants us to become the best we can be, not just good, and he gives us trials that we can become the best we can be. I just didn't know how to say it....

The next day however kinda repaired that. tuesday our new investigator didn't show up, so that calmed elder buckway and I down a bit. and then we taught geovany again, and it was a total success! We taught by the spirit and he was very receptive to the spirit. Later that day, we had choir again, and we all sang praise to the man during the devotional later that day for all of the MTC's around the world. Im pretty sure the camera was on me for a second, so, yeah. That was cool. But afterwards, the devotional review was very uplifting. we as a district talked about all that we learned from the night before and the stress we all felt.

But the next couple of days after that were pretty whitewash, 10+ hours of class every day.

I wish I could write more right now but, I am out of time. Only 1 hour to write on P-days

Next week I will be better!

May God be with us!

E. Zaccardi


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