July 18, 2015


Provo MTC


Miss you! Week 1

Hello everyone!!

It has been quite the first couple of days here at the MTC. Everything right now is terribly confusing and I am still trying to figure out what exactly is going on here, but that will soon pass. Or so Ive been told, it should get easier after sunday. Saturdays are my P days here, so you can expect to hear from me about this time every week!

Starting with wednesday. It was very early start of the day and the flight to SLC wasn't very long. It was a lot of waiting to start off a very long day. Thanks to Aunt Laurie and Uncle Robert for taking care of me while I was waiting! After that I was rushed into the MTC at about 2 in the afternoon, and was oriented. I got my name tag, and the anxiety was gone for a moment. Obviously it was back immediately, but for a moment, I knew everything was going to be ok. I was taken by an Elder to my first class, and I met everyone in my district. There is Elders Buckway (mi companero!), Neilson, Hakes, Montague, Francom, Paxton, and Broman. The Hermanas (the sisters) are Gonzalez and Howell. All of them are strong in spirit!

Anyways, the class began like a trainwreck for me, since our teacher immediately began speaking in fluent spanish, and absolutely no english. Luckily, Elder Buckway took 5 years of spanish in high school, so i was able to lean on him. Things have gotten a little bit better since that class, ive got a plan to learn the language, and our teacher does indeed know how to speak english as well (we had a little interview together on friday and we were able to consult a little better on how I was going to learn the language.) but learning is still very slow!

The rest of the day was orientation, dinner, and bed early at 10:30. It took me ages to fall asleep; new bed, a lot of new people, anxiety, and all that. It didn't help that it was early rising at 6:30 the next morning.
Honestly, I don't remember much of what happened on thursday, since we (the district) all agree that was our worst day. We learned that we were going to have to teach a lesson completely in spanish (20 minutes long) to someone who was going to only speak spanish! So that stressed me out, along side with not understanding hardly a word that my teacher was saying. I did learn how to pray in spanish, so many prayers were given that day for el don de lenguas, the gift of tongues.

We had a branch meeting later that night to meet our branch presidency, and that lasted a bit past our bedtime. i dont think we made it back to our apartment till 10:45, and there was no time to write. That is partially why I don't remember anything from that day.

Friday, things started to wind down. Even though we had nearly 10 hours of classroom study and instruction, we did have so time to relax and talk to one another. I think we all are getting to know eachother better and we are getting along very well! (yes I do contribute to the conversations)

On the downside though, the language seems to be coming to everyone else much easier, and I feel that I am falling behind a bit. But I have faith that At one point, something will click for me and the language will start to come to me easier.

At least I am working on it, I Know quien, que, cuando, donde, como, caul caunto, yo, usted, nosotros, vosotros, tu, el ella elles elllas, and all that good stuff. That was just from my own memorizing words yesterday! so yeah, the work is still pretty slow. I have made a goal, 15 words a day, 5 phrases, and 2 verbs a day. Although, right now Im not quite following that yet. Today is learning 4 new verbs, so that I can actually create sentences. Although, that will be later since I have been relaxing today.

Oh yeah, teaching the lesson in spanish to Giovani went pretty well in my eyes, I memorized a couple questions and was able to pray in spanish, but Elder buckway did speak most of the time, I hardly knew what the investigator was saying. But afterwards, we planned for our next lesson and that went really well! It was a little hectic at first since our teacher was in our classroom talking to us while we did our study, but we are going to teach giovani about the atonement next, and it should go really well! Our plan in looking to be good, so fingers crossed I can learn the language a bit better by monday.

And today! Again Saturdays are our P days, and so we get to do laundry, relax for most of the day, write emails, and all that. We are going to go play soccer later, so that is exciting!

So, thoughts on the first couple days... Hectic, crazy, stressful, anxiety filled. but at the same time, peaceful, comforting, exciting. Every time that I get bummed, or am feeling stressed, one of the elders or sisters that have been here awhile comes to us and promises that everything will get much much better. There have been quite a few comforting moments, and with good friends and companions, I feel a lot better.
I wish there was more for me to say about my experience so far, but there is a lot that has happened that cannot be put in words right now.

Let me know how you all are doing! Please!!!! I want to know! Dont let me miss out on anything while I am away. I can also get letters anytime of the week, so if you would like to hear from me sooner, send a letter to:
Elder Zachary Bryan Zaccardi
2011 N 900 E Unit 206
Provo UT 84602

If you would like a more personalized Email, please! email me personally :)

And my Email, of course, is

I love you all, I hope you are all doing well, I miss you all, and-

May God be with you all!

E Zaccardi~


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