June 29, 2020


Draper, UT, USA


Daniel Nelson Crockett

Week 5 and the Last Day of Online MTC :(

Olá amigos e família!!!I am officially finished with Online MTC! I finished on saturday and I leave for Birmingham Alabama next tuesday. I could not be more pumped to get to the mission field! I can't wait to teach the people of Alabama and share with them the joy that comes from the Gospel of Jesus Christ! For those of you that haven't started Online MTC yet, GET HYPED because Online MTC DID NOT DISAPPOINT!!!
This past week my companions and I were able to teach our last couple practice lessons in Portuguese. They all went great and we are each feeling a lot better about teaching others in Portuguese. One of the lessons was particularly cool for me because I was able to recite the First Vision from memory in Portuguese for the first time! The First Vision is so powerful and I loved helping our practice investigator recognize that he was feeling the Spirit! I find so much joy in helping others feel and recognize the Spirit in their lives. This experience was so special to me and I can't wait to feel of this joy again once I am teaching others in the field!
I am so grateful for the wonderful experience I had of participating in Online MTC. It has been so cool to see how the Lord's work still goes on, regardless of the situations. I have loved the opportunity to grow so close to my district and I'm so thankful for each and every one of them. They have each helped me in different ways these past 5 weeks and it's so crazy to think of the influence they've had on me even though we haven't ever met in person. I am so thankful for my wonderful teachers and the things I've been able to learn from their testimonies and personal experiences. I have absolutely loved being able to learn from inside the walls of my home and feel the love that my family has for me and my example. Online MTC has given me the opportunity to spend additional time with my family and I'm so thankful for their support. I have a testimony that my Savior loves me and has a plan for me, and Online MTC is evidence of both of these.
I would like to wrap up this email by bearing my testimony of Jesus Christ in Portuguese! I know that most of you won't understand it, but I invite all of you to pay attention to the peace and comfort you feel as you read this.
Eu tenho um testemunho de Jesus Cristo. Eu sei que Jesus Cristo é nosso Salvador e Redentor. Eu sou muito grato por Sua Expiação e eu senti sentimentos de felicidade e alegria por causa da Expiação. Eu amo a Seu exemplo e quero ser mais como Cristo. Eu sou grato por Seu caridade e Seu amor para nós. Eu sei que Jesus Cristo vive e eu senti de Sua presença em minha vida. Em nome de Jesus Cristo, Amém.
I'm excited for this coming week filled with practice lessons and service as I prepare for the field! Love you all!Love, Elder Moffat
Pictures:- Very sad last day with the district : (- TRIO Finale!!!- Online MTC + Mini Hoops = greatest combo of ALL TIME- District reppin' the tags- THE GOODS


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