September 4, 2017


Candelaria de La Frontera


Elder Anderson

Week 37: Judgement Week

This week was pretty cool but not too exciting.  We found a lot of new people to teach and we even found a family that was actually married instead of just getting accompanied. We had a lot of really cool nice people that we can't visit anymore because they don't really want to follow Christ right now. The sad thing is that very few of them will actually change in the future. My trainer always told a story about a man stranded on an island. he prayed that God would save him and soon after, a boat came and told him to hop on board but he said,"No. God will save me." so the boat left. He continued to pray and another boat came and offered to take him from the island but he said again,"No. God will save me." a third boat came but the same thing happened. The next day the man passed away and when he spoke with God and asked,"God where were you? I knew that you would save me but you didn't!" What was God's reply? "I sent three boats to save you."  many times God sends us people to save us but we reject their help for various reasons but sometimes we don't have the luxury of having three boats to save us. We need to recognize the hand of God in our lives and recognize the boats that he sends us. As missionaries sometimes we are the first boat but when people reject us we have to move along and pray that they accept the next boat. God loves us and he wants us to return to Him. I know that we will be judged according to our works and our desires here in this life and when the night comes the workers go to sleep and the judgement is passed. Decide today whose team you are on and whose flag you will raise. I love you all a ton and I apologize for not taking pictures this week. Pray for the people that are passing through trials right now. Love you all!
~Elder McKinnon


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