August 28, 2017


Candelaria de La Frontera


Elder Anderson

Happy 8 Months!!!

This week was pretty rough. We started out super positive but by the end of the week, everyone that we had committed to coming to church changed their plans. I am now determined to teach the Day of Rest super clearly and directly because we really need people to go to church so that they can progress.

We are working our hardest to fix Candelaria because all of the old missionaries that didn't work have left us with a bad rep. It's pretty rough but we're making progress. We had an activity on Friday but it kind of fell short of what we had imagined. It's all about that good 'ol communication.

Saturday we got caught in a hurricane and I almost died. We were just walking and then the wind almost knocked us over so we started to walk a little faster and then the rain came and we could not see anymore. IT WAS NUTS!!! But wait there's more. I could hear some trees snapping far away so I thought man I hope a tree doesn't fall on us and then I heard snapping right above us so I yelled RUUNNN!! The Lord definitely protected us because a huge branch fell right on top of me and right in front of Elder Anderson. Luckily the branch was in a v shape and I was in the middle of it. It was pretty legit but man I was so scared.

We have a lot of positive families right now which is soo cool but we need them to get married and come to church. Elder Anderson says that this is Judgement Week because if they don't keep the commitments this week we'll need to move on. Really sad because they're buena onda but we can't afford to waste the Lord's time here.​

​Went to the border in the morning after our near death experience​.

​Here's a fruit that's called a nona. I mentioned it a while back but it kind of tastes like strawberry yogurt...

Love you all a ton and hope yall have a fantastic week! Peace
~Elder McKinnon


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