August 21, 2017


Candelaria de La Frontera


Elder Anderson

Week 35: Baptism

Hola familia,
This week was pretty awesome. We got two awesome families lined up for baptism in September. Yanira got baptized! We started teaching Yanira a while ago when I was with Elder Perez and she has progressed so much! A 360 degree change. When we first started to teach her, she would not pray or read or do anything! But with time she slowly started to accept our invitations. One thing that I always admired about her from the beginning was that she really kept her word even though it was really difficult at times. If she said no, it meant no. If she said yes, it meant yes and there was no deception. She was finally able to be baptized and right after the ordinance she got up and bore her powerful testimony to all present. She is going to be a great member and leader in the church. Yesterday my companion and I ate dinner kind of far from the house and we left kind of late so we had to run 3ish miles on the freeway in the pouring rain and lightning. There were parts that were basically like rivers. It was so legit! We almost died by lightning but it was a great experience. I don't really feel like repeating it again but I know that the Lord was protecting us as we ran. We entered the house 4 minutes after 9:30 so were a little sad about being disobedient but we were just glad we made it home alive.​

​Here's our dope picture after our lovely trot in the rain. XD​

​ Love you all and hope that you have a great week!--
~Elder McKinnon


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