July 10, 2017


Candelaria de La Frontera


Elder Perez

Week 28? When weeks are months and hours are seconds...

I don't know why but I think that this week has been the longest I've ever had. The Zone Conference was on Tuesday but I feel like it happened a month ago. Ye... That's the time distortion that I'm dealing with right now. XD Like I said earlier, we had our first Zone Conference with Presidente y Hermana Kelley which was really awesome. I really admire the energy and excitement that they show when they're talking or just sitting. We talked more about obedience which is something that I think that we'll always need to talk about but we didn't talk about a specific rule. We talked about how in the scriptures there are many calls to perfect obedience. We too have this commandment. Presidente Kelley assured us that we can do it although it won't be easy but, as we strive to be perfectly obedient, we will have the Lord's blessing. Near the end of the conference Presidente said "a veces no se por que me llamo el señor. Solo se que lo hizo" translation: Sometimes I don't know why the Lord called me. I only know that He did it. I liked what he said because it really showed us that he is human and he's like us. I have many doubts and worries but when I remember that the Lord called me to serve here in El Salvador, I'm comforted, encouraged, and I receive the strength to overcome any trial,doubt, or fear. I had my first "bible bash" that I could actually reply intelligently and I ended up destroying the other person with one single scripture. Mwahaha She was convinced that Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are the same person. I read Matthew 3:16 -17 which is the baptism of Jesus and I testified about the Godhead and the unique role of each of them. After I finished, she didn't say anything for a while as she was trying to come up with something to contradict what I said. She didn't have anything so she said But there's only one, and then she left because she needed to go buy bread... hehe It was just really nice to be able to see that all my studying is paying off. On Thursday night all of our appointments fell through so we did a lot of walking but when we finally found 3 people, all they wanted to do was preach which was a little annoying. After too long of just listening I interrupted and testified about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration more powerfully than I've ever done before. I think it was because of the environment that I felt in the room but I really spoke with what I feel like was authority, conviction, and power. I also explained that the Bible talks about the Book of Mormon but the preacher would not talk about the verses which was really strange. Probably because he knew that it was true... After we finished we left the invitation to read the Book of Mormon but they said that probably not because the bible doesn't say anything about the Book of Mormon... WHAT DID WE JUST READ?! Silly people. Friday we lent service by breaking ceramic roof tiles on the ground so that it doesn't get so muddy. It was pretty fun to break tiles with a machete because it's not something you get to do everyday or at all in the States. XD Saturday the other Elders had a baptism which was cool. We found a lot of new people to teach which was a miracle. We had 0 new people on Wednesday so we really tried to find new people these past few days and we ended up surpassing our goal. Sunday we tried to look for one of our new people that we found in his uncle's house but we could not find him! We did find a ton of other new people and we found an area that we've never been to. There were a ton of dead snakes on the ground, macheted to death. Poor things. But why haven't we been to this area before if there are so many snakes! I need to find some live snakes because I think that there are hognose snakes but all the dead snakes don't have heads... XD Also Elder Albornoz (from Peru) turned 19 on Monday! Happy Birthday!
~Elder McKinnon


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