June 26, 2017


Candelaria de La Frontera


Elder Perez

Stake conference yeee! Salupue Presidente y Hermana Spjut

Stake Conference Yeeee   
This week was pretty awesome. We had three conferences that we had to go to the mission offices for and all three were amazing. The first was zone conference and President Spjut taught us how to be gentlemen and how if a woman is standing up, we shouldn't be sitting down and he explained something about the temple with that which made a lot of sense and helped me understand that a little more. This was the last missionary conference that I will have with President and Hermana Spjut which was super sad. I only cried a tiny bit. I've only been able to enjoy about 5 months with them but they've been really amazing mission parents to me here and it's so sad to see them go. After Zone Conference, we went to go contact and we found 5 people which was really cool     On Tuesday, we had to drop one of our investigators because she doesn't want to change right now. It was so difficult to just drop her because she was relatively new and actually really positive. She kept our commitments and learned a ton. She also said that she knows and believes all the stuff we taught her but right now she just really doesn't want to change. There's nothing we can do to change a person especially when they already know what they're doing is wrong. Hopefully she'll be able to quit her things and come back to Jesus.     Thursday we had some more good luck finding new people to teach but we also found out more problems with existing investigators like having a girlfriend that's pregnant or things like that. More work yay! We did visit the Mendoza family who are investigators and we reviewed the Restoration for the mom but the dad was totally on board and remembered basically everything. That lesson gave me a lot of hope for their future. I had a bible bash but it was a little weird because the other person's interpretations of their scriptures were contradicting the other scriptures. Why do people use the bible to contradict the bible? The world may never know but that's why we have the Book of Mormon!     Friday felt long but was really short. We visited a Super Positive investigator but she rejected the invitation to baptism because she wants to fix all the things from her past. She's the bishop's 20 year old niece and he taught her all the lessons but we're reviewing with her and answering questions and whatnot but she's kind of a fanatic about the Gospel which is kind of cool but a little scary. I don't know why scary but really cool! I could probably try to be a little more like her. XD We had a two hour correlation meeting because one of the bishopric was with us and all he wanted to do was machete us. Baptize more families! Sorry dude, we want to baptize families too  but it's hard to find a chosen family. Satan has destroyed what a marriage and family mean. Also fornication. Yesterday we talked with a guy who's accompanied and I asked him what fornication was and he said you have to have church privileges and then live with a woman without being married but since he doesn't have church privileges, he isn't fornicating... Justified? I think not. The commandments are for all the people, not just the ones in churches.      Speaking of Commandments, we were instructed about tithing in the adult session of stake conference and I saw tithing in a new light. All commandments are spiritual. When we pay our tithing, we recieve spiritual blessings. I used to think that I'd receive food or money if I paid my tithing but what church promises money through your obedience? There are a lot of obedient people that don't have money. Anyway, if you think that you're going to recieve physical blessings from tithing, you're going to miss out on the spiritual blessings that Heavenly Father has for you. President Hinckley said "Tithing is paid with faith, not money."     Sunday we saw a few miracles. We achieved the goal of 4 investigators attending stake conference general session. We only had 3 in the beginning but Mauricio showed up just in time after I had given up hopes that he would arrive but he did it! I'm proud of him for his effort to make it out to the mission office stake center. We were out by the border and almost missed the last bus of the night for Candelaria but we ran to catch up to it. It only took us to Paraje which is a ways away from Candelaria. In Paraje we have an investigator whose parents work as policemen right there on the freeway. We were asking for rides and I made the prediction that we would get to ride in the police truck tonight. AND IT TOTALLY HAPPENED! so ye we got to ride in the police truck. We're cool. XD That's about it for this week! Love you all and hope you all have a great week!​

~Elder McKinnon


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