June 19, 2017


Candelaria de La Frontera


Elder Perez

Baptism! That awkward moment when your baptism doesn't show up to be confirmed...

Hola Family, Last Monday I had to say goodbye to my first companion and trainer Elder Alfaro which was rough. We've been through a lot together and I'll miss him a ton. I really hope I'll be able to see him soon! Tuesday was a pretty good day. Elder Perez taught me how to Forrar or make a covering for my agenda which is a must if you're a missionary. We ate lunch with the Bishop and we all helped prepare something for the pupusas. I washed and pressed lettuce and carrots... I haven't learned how to make pupusas yet but I hope that I'll be able to soon. We had a funny experience with our soon to be convert, Armida de Jesus Baños de Rivera, when we asked her who she would like to baptize her and she said I think that I would like Hermana Silvia to baptize me. MUJERDOCIO! Sacerdocio means priesthood in spanish and Mujer means woman. Put em all together and what do you get? Mujerdocio! XD and there's your spanish lesson of the day. Hehe looks like we still have some work to do with her before she gets baptized this Saturday. I had some pretty bad luck with the weather because whenever it looked like it was going to rain it didn't so I carried my umbrella for nothing and when it looked sunny it started to rain and I didn't have my umbrella... Basically every day it's been raining down here which has been fun. I probably wouldn't be able to enjoy so much mud if I wasn't here in El Salvador. XD Wednesday Elder Silva was sick so we did one day splits with them. Elder Perez stayed with Elder Silva while Elder Albornoz and I worked. We only got to visit one of our investigators and 4 of the other elders' which left me feeling a little bit salty. We did have a lot of good lessons and I got to experiment a little bit with my teaching style which went good and sometimes bad depending on the person we were teaching. Every person is different and they all learn better in different ways which is pretty difficult sometimes. In one lesson that we had we sang 3 hymns to start! They just loved our angelic voices so much... jk but they really did love the hymns. XD When we finished with their investigators it was pretty late and there weren't going to be any more buses passing so we had to ask for rides on the highway which was neat. The other Elders have to do it all the time since they have a lot of work really far from Candelaria which is interesting to me because they always seem to find somebody to give them a ride even though it's super late. Thursday I got in a lot of study in the morning and I started to wash my clothes by hand because it's cheaper, everyone does it, and my clothes are a lot more clean! If you have an article of clothing that has a stain and won't come out in the washing machine (yall are spoiled if you have a washing machine XD) try washing it by hand and you'd be surprised how many stains you can make disappear by the sweat of your brow. XP I'm really loving studying the scriptures more and more every day. Before it was really boring and it was easy to get distracted by a random thought but now, my study time is really engaging and exciting. One thing that helped me be more engaged is reading the Bible and the Book of Mormon together and making cross references. As I've been using cross references, I've felt more of a foundation to my teaching. Now I'm not just saying here's the Gospel and this and this doctrine is true because I learned about it in Primary. Now I feel a spiritual ground under my feet that allows me to walk a clearer path but also helps my investigators do the same. I've been studying the role of the Book of Mormon in Preach my Gospel and the Prophet Joseph Smith said "Take away the Book of Mormon and the revelations, and where is our religion? We have none." Remember that the living prophet told us that we need to read the Book of Mormon every day there's a commandment that we need to work on keeping more and I know that as we do read the Book of Mormon every day, we'll receive a protection and strength unique to this other testament of Jesus Christ, Our Savior and Redeemer. If you're struggling to keep this commandment or have forgotten it altogether, Esfuercese! You can do it and I promise that as you strengthen yourself to complete this commandment, you will be receive the blessings in waiting that Heavenly Father has prepared for you and you will gain a greater appreciation for your religion. Saturday we had the baptism of Armida de Jesus Baños de Rivera and everything went well there. The only thing I would have changed is how many people showed up. We had a ton who promised to come but we only had like 12 people... More funnies with this Hermana. When I finished the baptismal prayer, she didn't plug her nose and I think she started saying something like Holy Father as she basically just dropped herself in the water. She swallowed a lot of water which made me feel bad but it was really funny. Sunday was pretty great but SOOO stressful! Our ward mission leader didn't go remind Armida so she didn't get to church early. We were doing everything possible to try to go up to where she lived but nobody wanted to help us! Thankfully she did end up arriving a little bit later but man! That was hard on the heart! I almost died while climbing a coconut tree twice! Once because my companions were making farting noises and other things with a bamboo pole... and the second because a lizard almost jumped on my face when I got to the top! It was all worth it cuz I got two coconuts for the family that lived there for part of our Lunch. XD I believe that falls under the category of service. Anyway, that's my week in a nutshell. I hope you all have a fun, spiritual week! Peace out Girlscouts!​
~Elder McKinnon


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