June 12, 2017


Candelaria de La Frontera


Elder Perez

Goals = Success

This week has been really rough because our baptism got cancelled because of family problems but we're hoping to have it moved to next week with our other investigator Armida de Jesus Baños de Riveras. I just love her name XD. We did baptized 4 people from the other Elders and that went really well! We found 3 crying women on 3 separate occasions and it's been a little hard on my animo or like excitement.

I can't English anymore. I've been really involved in peoples' problems this week and it's kind of left me emotionally drained. I did have a cool experience with one of the ladies. We were walking fast to go to a meeting and we saw this lady sitting on the side of the road. We said hello but passed by her. As I was walking away, I felt that we should go back but I didn't want to but I just said maybe we should go back for her then if I feel like I should so we went back and talked to her and she was having lots of problems with her family and was contemplating leaving her family or suiciding. stuff like that but we calmed her down and told her about how God has a plan for her and it involves her staying with her family. but yeah I'm really glad I got that prompting and more importantly that I followed it.

 On Tuesday Elder Renlund came to visit us here and he's really funny like Mr. Palmer. Really dry humor but his talk was really amazing. He told us that it's rare that you have one goal(ball) to focus on in life and here in the mission we only have one ball to chase. All of the other's are distractions. It was super cool to hear an Apostle of the Lord and shake his hand. Also I saw Elder Livingston so Shout out to him. Love you Elder Livingston! But ye I'll try to give yall some pictures quickly. Love you all!​

~Elder McKinnon


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