June 5, 2017


Candelaria de La Frontera


Elder Perez


Wassup Family,     
Man, this week was a little rough but full of miracles at the same time.     It all started at McDonalds... XD just kidding but they added touch screen ordering things in the McDonalds here and it's just super confusing for the people here and the staff couldn't keep up with all the orders. It was weird because we made our order at the screen which printed out a receipt and then we had to take the receipt to a cashier and they asked about everything so it ended up taking longer than the other people that just went to the cashier. So sometimes cool technology is just a distraction that only makes you think that you're saving time. XD     We talked about service in our district meeting and I've already seen the big difference just this week! We did one big service project for the 4 people that are going to be baptized this Saturday on Wednesday and it made it the longest day of my life but I'm practically a Pro at Macheteing now. XD I'd challenge each of you that mow your lawn to switch to macheteing your lawn because you'll save money, be more fit, and all your neighbors will know how hardcore you are. XD we also found a fistful of investigators by jumping on the opportunities to serve that found us. There was an old lady carrying a bucket of mud from the river by her house but she was struggling so we helped her out and taught her and her niece the first lesson and the abuelita even came to church on Sunday! She's super funny and is always laughing.      Also on Wednesday, I had my first lesson with a Jehovah's Witness and I was so unprepared! He invited us into his house on the preface of learning about what we believe but he kept asking us where in the bible is that_ and I knew there was an answer in the Bible but I couldn't find them fast enough before he changed subjects so that made me angry with myself but also with him. XD He got pretty angry and started to just insult us. I've never felt contention like that before but I learned a lot from the lesson and it motivated me a lot to prepare a little bit better. But the rest of that day I did have trouble feeling the Spirit because I was just so Angry! In the end, I talked with my companion and he helped me to calm down and understand what I should do. Just one thing that the JWitness said was that we weren't good teachers and that there was no way we could teach him because we don't know anything about the Bible. That really made me angry because being a teacher is one of the biggest things about being a missionary but I realized that we can't really teach anyone who doesn't want to learn and that was the real reason we couldn't teach him. Moral of the story, Be Teachable!      One night the other Elders told us we needed to go to our cook's house for something but it was really a plot to scare Elder Perez. XD He was sitting on the couch talking to everyone and our cook's son climbed up a dresser behind the couch and dropped a dead snake on him! XD He didn't seem that scared but he picked up the snake and threw it at me and it hit me in the ear! XD fun times...     We had splits with the other elders and before we could join up again, we got caught far away from Candelaria in a huge rainstorm which we had to wait out. We ended up doing splits for two days which was fun but doesn't happen very often.     During interchanges we visited a couple and they told us that they saw me climbing a tree with a bamboo pole cutting coconuts, filmed and took pictures, and SENT THEM TO PRESIDENT!!!! oops.     Quote of the week from our ward mission leader. Teach better!Love you all a ton and keep Jesus in your life! Peace out Girlscouts!
~Elder McKinnon


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