May 29, 2017


Candelaria de La Frontera


Elder Perez

Happy 5 months!!

Dear Family and Friends,

     I had probably my last interview with President Spjut on Tuesday. I only got to work with him for 5 months but it was certainly an honor. RIP President and Hermana Spjut. You will be missed.

     On Tuesday, our investigator (now convert hehehe) arrived late to our appointment because he got stopped by the police and held in custody for 15 minutes for walking fast and ¨being suspicious¨. Ye the kids+teens here have a rough time with the police.

     We were met with a ton of opposition to Eduardo´s baptism but he came through it all and I´m so super proud of him and how much he´s changed for the better. He´s only 16 but he´s dealt with a ton more adult trials than I´ve had to. On Saturday we cancelled his baptism 3
times because of various things with the ward, bishop, and him but he did it and I couldn´t be more proud. Seriously though he´s my greatest creation in the
mission so far and I was blessed with the opportunity to be the one to baptize him. XD

     We did interchanges on Wednesday and I was with Elder Albornoz and we did a ton of walking-hiking with a lot of rejections but in the end we got a lot of work done and found some really cool people. We visited an inactive+non-member family that was baptized in 2000! Only the mom and dad are members and all the other kids have grown up without the church. They aren´t opposed to anything about the church which is great, they just live pretty far away from the church and they work on Sundays but I think that if they just take a little courage and trust God, they´ll be able to change their
schedules and be able to make it out to church.

     On Thursday, we four elders ate pupusas and I was the only one who brought money with me so I paid for four starving missionaries and now I´m almost out of money! I can´t support 4 missionaries on the funds of 1! XD Other than that, dinner was a blast because we were all
talking and joking around and it made me reflect a little bit on how much my Spanish has improved this change and it just made me happy that I´m not so lost anymore.

     We used to have a fish and tadpoles in our pila but I filled it with too much water and killed them all. :´( ye I´m super sad. Apparently our water that comes from the faucet has a small amount of bleach… RIP fishies.

     Friday we found a family that only wanted to talk about baptisms for the dead so that was hard. We tried teaching the Restoration but 30 seconds after we got into the lesson, they brought up baptisms for the dead again. *facepalm* But that lesson was really fun. They
told us that in their church they do the Acts Baptism or the baptism described in Acts while others do the baptism of other biblical gospels which I thought
was strange because it totally proved the point of the Apostasy. We only have one example to follow. Is that so difficult? Later in the lesson the grandpa asked us Who is Jesus Christ to you? and I was able to testify about who Christ is which was really refreshing. After I finished, he proceeded to tell me that I was understating Jesus and started explaining that The Godhead are only one person and wouldn´t listen to us explain that they´re 3 different personages BUT, this lesson made me realize that I haven´t testified of Our Savior enough because usually people already know who He is and don´t care who we know He is but really, that´s why I´m here. My goal that I want to accomplish this week is testify more about the Savior because he is Everything to us and Everything for
us. Yáll can do the same because it´s a pretty simple thing but Man does it bring the Spirit in like an unstopped dam. FWOOSH! Hehehe

Love you all and hope yáll have a great week!
~Elder McKinnon


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