May 8, 2017


Candelaria de La Frontera


Elder Perez

Hola Candelaria

Dear Family,

This week has been pretty crazy with the changes! I{m now in Candelaria which is a city-town close to the border of Guatemala. Our área boundaries go a Little past the border if I Heard correctly. It{s been raining a ton over here and the streets flood worse here tan in Ciudad Real. Our área includes a lot of Little colonies spread all over the place and we have to take buses to get to some of them which we didn{t have to do in Tazumal. Our house is super huge! We have an upstairs and our front room and kitchen have almost as much space as our whole house in Tazumal! I think the only bad thing about that is that there is a lot more space for animalitos and Mosquitos. There are TONS of mosquitos in our house and I have like 50 bites! Ok maybe not 50 but a lot! I{ve actually started using bug spray so that{s how you know it{s serious. XP

Saying goodbye to Elder Alfaro was really hard but I didn{t cry right then. Before and after though… ye. But Elder Perez is pretty cool, really really short, and he{s
also from Guatemala. Because he{s really callado or quiet like me it{s been a new experience teaching with him becuase before I relied a ton on Elder Alfaro
and now I have to be a Little bit more involved which is really great and I{ve already seen my teaching and conversing skills improve this last week. I{m having trouble sleeping because I have so many bug bites and I{m not used to sleeping with a mosquito net yet but we{re getting there.

We taught a 20 year old named Cristian and he was really positive! He lived in California for almost his whole life so he knows English better tan his Spanish which was pretty cool because if he or I had any trouble saying something we could just say it in English. Elder Perez got a Little lost though. XD I gave him a Book of Mormon and I guess the way I explained it made him think it was a manual instead of a book similar to the bible. Oops but we got it all sorted out and he said he would love to read it. Another cool thing is that for everything that we explained, he had an equivelant but from video games. XD

Saturday we did service from 8 until like 2:30. It was some pretty labor-intensive work like carrying huge rocks across the freeway! Don{t worry mom, the freeways here
are smaller. XD but they were huge volcanic rocks so my arms are all scratched up and my hands are sensitive. We are all really inspired by Donald Trump down
here so we made a Wall. Joking, but right now it{s just a foundation for a house so it looks like a Wall. We also had 3 people get baptized but I don{t have pictures of me with them but maybe I{ll get some later from the other

I{m literally like a different person here in Candelaria but I don{t know why. I think that it might be because I{m learning to love the work more and on top of that I{m a Little more comfortable with my Spanish. I talk to everyone like I{m already Friends with them and it Works. I just need to remember all the names of my new Friends… that{s the hardest part. XD All of the children here are different too which I love. They all want to play with me and help them make Little rock towers in the streets or just listen to them talk about random things.It
makes me a Little bit baggy because it makes me think about Cambree (my Little Sister). Shout out to Cambree. ;)

Sunday was cool. I actually was able to participate in the lesson during the last hour which was new. We had two dinners which is always awesome. At our cook{s house
while second dinner was being prepared, I was playing with the two Little girls and now the littlest one calls me papa XD she called the last gringo papa too but it means that you{re her favorite and that made me feel good. I like to think about our Savior when he called all the children to him and how much he loved them and I want to be able to bring His love to all the children here. It{s hard to think about all the things that the Little children have to go through here and then grow up into adults with Little to no hope. They{re all so special and have so much potential.

Sorry for the weird punctuation but when I download from the alphasmart it puts it in like a spanish keyboard and there´s no option here to change it. Probably going to be like that until I leave this area. XD Love you all!
~Elder McKinnon


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