May 1, 2017


Tazumal, Chalchuapa Stake


Elder Cristian Alfaro

Ya me voy

Dear Family, After I wrote last Monday we went to McDonalds and the staff sang to me and I was super embarrassed. I wore a hat with the Salvadoran flag on it and a pinata strapped to my bag all day. We taught a lesson and then had a celebration later that night with our cook and I got my face plastered into the cake. Tuesday we had Zone Conference and we had another cake which also got smashed with my face. I shaved that morning so the frosting started to burn my face and I had frosting up my nose all day. My cool new USB got a virus with the first thing that I put on it... It´s a small miracle that I didn´t copy all of my pictures onto it so I´m glad I still have all my pictures but I´m a little hesitant to use the computers now. Olga, one of our investigators, is going to get baptized this Saturday but I think Satan is trying his hardest to change her mind this week so please pray for her. Wednesday was a pretty long day in which we contacted all of the day in the colonies outside the city and only found one person willing to listen to us but he was super positive which was a really good experience. Let me know if you have any suggestions for my weekly updates because I know they´re kind of crappy. XD  Thursday was a really weird day for me for some reason. We found two really positive Jovenes a little bit younger than me and that was super cool. We went out with two old members to find some less active members that live nearby and for some reason I can´t understand one of the members. His name is Israel and he´s basically super human because he´s already contacted most of the colonies by himself but I really struggle understanding him. We visited a less active member named Hermano Perdido or Lost Brother literally translated to English XD but he´s kind of crazy but it´s weird because he makes sense. He´s read more than 300 books published by the church so he was talking super deep doctrine that my companion was having trouble understanding! He also talked about the US and how I have a ton of money and he kept telling Elder Alfaro to rob me... XD but I couldn´t really understand him very well either so I ended up getting a headache from listening to the to Hermanos talking. Later we visited one of the Stake Counselors and he gave us a ton of references and gave us so much advice! I felt the Spirit really strongly while we talked with him and I received some answers to my questions.  Friday we had interchanges and I was in my area with Elder Zuniga again! I ate Chilate for the first time. It´s a super plain soup stuff that you eat with fried sweet stuff like platanos. I love fried platanos. All of our first plans for the day all fell through so we contacted and found a really positive investigator for Elder Alfaro and the next missionary. We saw the National Bird while we were walking and it´s soo Beautiful! We visited one of the families that got baptized pretty recently and they went full apostate all of a sudden. I´m pretty sure I´ve never been so angry in my life! I´m really glad that I have the companions that I´ve got because they´re all so much more patient than me. I really need to learn how to improve that. We got to visit Olga who was going to be baptized on Saturday but all of a sudden she decided that the baptismal dress made her look ugly so she cancelled but Sunday morning hopefully everything works out! We worked super hard Saturday to find her a dress she liked XD it was exhausting! Kind of like shopping all day... but Saturday we saw the National Bird again! Elder Alfaro told me he really wants to get a feather from the bird and I thought that would be really cool if I could find one too. After we got home from interchanges, President Spjut came to our house, which was pretty nerve'wracking, to talk with Elder Alfaro and tell him what he expects of him from his last change and a few hints about what´s going to happen in this next change. It´s a little strange what´s happening but Elder Alfaro gets to train another son his last change which is super rare, but it´s pretty cool too. He´s really stressed out about but I know that he´ll do fine. I´m probably going to be moving out of this Zone which will be weird. It´s like saying good bye to my home again. Sadness, but I know it´s all going to be fine. It´s also kind of like a new start after a new start after a new start. Home to CCM to the field-training to the field-adult missionarying XD It makes me think of the Atonement and the Sacrament because we always get new starts because of the sacrifice of our Saviour. Even though we do get these resets sometimes we choose to be the same or make the same mistakes but we always have the Atonement of Jesus Christ to help us. Like all things in this world, we have to act and decide what kind of level of action we´re going to take and depending on that, we will reap the fruit of the works that we sowed. Sunday we did it! Hermana Olga was baptized and confirmed on April 30th, 2017! It was such a great blessing to see her get baptized because she is the first investigator that I personally found. She´s such a different person from when we found her and I know that it´s because she´s been applying the Atonement of Jesus Christ in her life.       Today we found out about changes. I'm leaving to Candelaria which is on the border of Guatamala and El Salvador so that's going to be fun. I made 3 goals today in futbol... Dab. I'm really going to miss all the friends I made here in Chalchuapa.
~Elder McKinnon


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