March 27, 2017


Tazumal, Chalchuapa Stake


Elder Cristian Alfaro

Week 13: More baptisms, more weddings, and The real birthday

We had another baptism and I performed both of them.

My companion had his actual birthday on Thursday and we had a surprise birthday party which was awesome! He got his face smashed in the cake the last time but this time, he was drowning in the frosting!

We did some emergency splits so we could get some papers to have a wedding and then the family got married the next day. It was exhausting work but it was all worth it... even though there was no food.

I got a little discouraged yesterday because we were teaching an investigator and we were teaching the word of wisdom and he didn't want to give it up and then he told me that going on a mission is bad for me because I'm so young that I haven't enjoyed life so afterwards I'm going to go and sin... I wish I had the words to talk with him but I just sat there and took it all.

I've decided that from now on I'm going to open my mouth as soon as I have a prompting and not fear my inadequacies and also I'm not going to fall after the mission! If I break that promise, slap me. Hard! But ye, that's my lesson of the week and the same should go for all of you as well.

I receive so many promptings daily and don't act on them and I challenge each of you to ACT on your promptings because I know that you have them. Even if it's just a small thing or if it's something that you're afraid of doing, Do it! Now is not the time to be idle. Anyway, I love you all and I hope that my pictures load faster this time!​
~Elder McKinnon


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