February 20, 2017


Tazumal, Chalchuapa Stake


Elder Cristian Alfaro

Week 8

This week has been so amazing but also the biggest struggle!

Tuesday We had zone and district conference which was great. Elder Alfaro is a district leader so I got to go on splits with Elder Miranda who I think is from Honduras but that was really fun. He had an interesting way of talking with the people. A way that made a lot of them angry XD.

After that we got back to the house and Elder Alfaro was very sick with a very high fever so he rested for a while and then we went to an appointment but the investigator wasn't there so we went back home and ended the day. We had Pollo Campero which is like bbq chicken stuff which was very expensive but it was pretty yummy.

Wednesday, we had to get up early again for another conference and I was exhausted! I think I ended up falling asleep like 3 times. We had breakfast and lunch there and it was delicious. French Toast for breakfast and Burritos for Lunch! After that, we knocked a lot of doors and found a ton of people! We ended the day at the chapel for a youth activity about fellowshipping.

Thursday was back to normal more or less. We did a ton of walking from one side of the boundary to the other and back!

Friday was super long! we helped our cook, Hermana Neomi, make some cards in English for a birthday invitation and then we knocked a ton of doors and visited a recent convert named Rodrigo and we talked with him for a while and read the Book of Mormon. After that, we ended up back at Hermana Neomi's to help some more with birthday stuff and we got fed dinner as well!

Saturday was amazing! we started a little early to catch one of our investigators but then after that we went to the chapel to start filling the font! AAAAAH. and then we went and taught our most positive family of investigators and that went really well. They're definitely going to be baptized very soon. :) Anyway, after that we went back home to get our stuff. I was really stressing out so I forgot so much stuff like my camera, sandals, a bag for my wet clothes, and a change of unders... But it turned out great!

The family who was baptized was the Chavez family and I got to baptize Ana, the mother, while Elder Alfaro baptized her two daughters. The father didn't want to be baptized though. :( There isn't really a story to go with it just that Elder Alfaro said that he or I could do the baptism or someone in the ward and she chose us. I'm really looking forward to baptizing someone who I have been with every step of the way. Anyway, I was so nervous but afterwards I was so happy and I couldn't help but smile! After we got changed, Elder Alfaro had to get changed back in his baptismal clothes to baptize one of the daughters again because apparently she changed her middle name because she didn't like her given name so they had to do the baptism again with her real name.

A miracle that came from that though is that our really positive investigating family came for another activity and so they were able to witness a baptism firsthand and they Loved it! They said that they felt the spirit so strongly and it gave them goosebumps! I'm so excited for them because they really want to do what's right and follow Christ and they have kept almost all of our commitments. They just didn't come to church yesterday but that's ok! they had a good reason. XD

I really love the people here and the Gospel! I love being able to see the change in the people as they read the Book of Mormon and really pray to our Heavenly Father. It's a lot harder to see the change in myself though. This week I've struggled so hard with the language! I can basically understand people when they aren't talking to me but if they are talking directly to me, my brain just fizzes out and I can't speak very well. I'm just looking forward so much to the day when it all makes sense and I don't have to worry so much about it. Anyway, I love you all so much and don't forget to let me know how you're doing. I'd also love it if you'd send me pictures because I miss all your faces! The church is true! ✌🤘❤
~Elder McKinnon


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