February 13, 2017


Tazumal, Chalchuapa Stake


Elder Cristian Alfaro

week 7 or something

I don't even know what week it has been. I'm going to keep this one short but the people here are Awesome! So kind and humble. I'm a little sick and I keep getting nosebleeds... But that won't get me down!

I love the work here, it's so rewarding to find somebody with a lot of questions that we have the answers to. I forgot to bring my notebook but I have a ton of emails to add to the list for my weekly emails sooo Next Monday!

Saying goodbye to everyone in the CCM was so hard and I can't believe that I actually miss the CCM!! I basically had unlimited food, ice cream every day, and a cold bedroom. I have none of those things here! Although, I do have a lot of coca-cola which is so much more delicious down here. XD

The weather is super hot but we usually have a pleasant breeze. Tuesday to Saturday we eat lunch at a member's house and she cooks amazingly! Yesterday I learned how to eat using a tortilla and it made the members uncomfortable because I was watching them eat very intently. XD

Anywho, Love you all so much! The gospel is true! Make sure you read the Book of Mormon every day because it's awesome and has changed my life so much! Love you all so much once again! Peace! oh wait. I already have 2 people who want me to baptize them... What?! so this Saturday I will be baptizing a mother and my companion, her daughter. Crazy! Oh I guess I should talk about my companion. His name is Elder Alfaro and he's from Guatemala. He's very kind and he knows a little bit of English but I'm helping him learn more. We get along very well. Alright, for rills Love you all! Happy Valentines day! ✌🤘❤❤❤
~Elder McKinnon


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