January 25, 2017


Guatemala CCM


Elder Livingston

Week 4?

Wow, another week gone! I just got back from the temple and that was amazing. The Guatemala temple is so tiny but I love it so much. I can sit in the sealing room in there and it is sooo beautiful! I can't wait to go there with my future waifu! XD Anyway, this past week has been pretty rough because everyone here is so disobedient and always complains but it has definitely helped me to be more humble and also be more of a leader. My family wanted to know more about what I do everyday so I'll give a little run down of it right now. 

I usually wake up at 6:30 (except today since my roommates turned my alarm off so they could sleep in... Dirtbags) Usually we get up and have Physical activity, I usually play volleyball with myself while everyone else plays basketball. Then we come back, shower and go to breakfast at 8. After breakfast, we go to our classroom and have language study and then we have a language class after that. Usually we teach an "investigator" and then have a doctrinal class and then we go to Lunch at 12:30. after lunch we Have TALL (Technology Assisted Language Learning) which can go for 30 minutes to an hour. then we have classes that teach us how to teach better. Oh yeah, we have morning teachers and afternoon teachers too. But everything has been changing a ton this last week and that has really been... not cool. XD Anyway, we read the Book of Mormon after that and then we either teach another investigator before or after Dinner at 5:30. after Dinner we usually have some short lessons or learn how to teach more and then we have personal study from 8 to 9 and then planning from 9 to 9:30 and then we go get ready for bed. We usually talk in the halls until lights out at 10:30.

Although, the thing with the CCM is that the schedule is never ever ever ever right. We all have a typed schedule but there has never been a day where we have stuck to the schedule so it's basically garbage. XD We usually do end up doing most of the things we plan but never when we planned to do it. We also go practice teaching with the Latino Elders randomly throughout the day which is always stressful but it's really good for our Spanish.

Speaking of my Spanish, I feel like my comprehension has come a long way and if people use words I know, I can understand exactly what they're saying but my speaking skills still need a ton of work but given time, I can create a grammatically correct sentence. On the other hand, Elder Livingston speaks fantastic but he sometimes doesn't understand as well as I do. For example, yesterday, our investigator asked us about the afterlife and what happens to the people who were bad like her dad or something like that and elder Livingston started talking about the kingdoms of glory or something. But our relationship as companions is pretty good for the most part. Although, he wants to party and have fun and relax all the time and I want to be obedient and study which is pretty rough. Needless to say, I can't wait for the field for the both of us.

Anyway, we had a ton of changes going on this last week such as a missionary schedule change for all missions that we heard about today but also our district got split again and we lost one of our teachers. We now only have 6 people in our district so we're tiny!  But at least Hermana Herrera [pictured on the far left of the attached picture] finally got a companion 4 weeks in! We lost Hermana de León though and that was pretty devastating. She was always so sweet with us unlike most of the teachers here. XD

Most of the missionaries are pretty salty about the changes but I've learned that I need to accept the changes and just be as obedient as I can be and then I will be blessed. I know that each change is for a reason and for our benefit and that can go for anybody's life.

Anywho, I love you all and I pray for y'all as well. Thanks for all of your love and prayers and I hope you can all feel God's love in your lives every hour of everyday. Peace!✌
~Elder McKinnon


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