January 17, 2017


Guatemala CCM


Elder Livingston

Week 3: Guatemala CCM

Wow it´s already been 3 whole weeks! It feels like I just left yesterday!

This week has been pretty crazy with it being the other North Americans and the Latinos last week. They all headed out either yesterday morning or this morning.

Right now it´s just the missionaries that arrived with me, the MTC president and his wife, and a bunch of cleaning people here to prep for the newbies arriving today and tomorrow. Super weird because it´s usually so full and busy here.

Today we got to go on a "city tour", go to the local zoo, go to the market next to the zoo, and we went to Wendy's!! I have a ton of pictures of the zoo and a lot of all my friends that just left as well.

It´s so crazy how fast the time has flown by! I can barely remember what happened this last week. I´m half way done with the MTC. Crazy. Anyway, I´d love to hear more from home about what´s going on. Maybe try to send me a weekly highlight and I´ll tell you mine. My highlight of the week would probably have to be today. It was so nice to be able to get out of the CCM for a while!

There were so many beautiful things at the market that I wanted to buy and send home to y'all but I decided that I actually want to give you things from my mission but I know that I´ll definitely have to come back here again after my mission. It´s so green here and the art is so beautiful. I love the blues that they use in their art.

Another highlight of today was being able to go to the temple again. The Guatemala City Temple is so tiny compared to Timpanogos!

One bad thing about today is that the people who came through and cleaned messed up all of our stuff and I´m going to have a hard time finding it all. Plus, they took a towel that belongs to one of the missionaries in our room and put a lot of stuff under it in a basket... BLAARF. Now everything in that basket smells absolutely disgusting and is wet. 😭

Today was  a big milestone for us here but it has barely felt like any time has passed at all. Anyway, I think I´ll keep this email a little shorter.

Please email me with any questions and I´ll try to answer them in the next email!
~Elder McKinnon


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