January 11, 2017


Guatemala CCM


Elder Livingston

Week 2: Guatemala CCM

Alrighty, I have 15 minutes left! 

This week was amazing! We had our first personal study that was silent and the spirit was there and I want every study to be like that but it´s quite hard to get everyone focused. I promise that I´ll get some photos of everyone and show you all. There are a lot of rules concerning cameras and photo taking. The food here is still amazing and every day gets better and better. I now sleep with 3 blankets, one of which is meant for the sisters but it´s a lot thicker and warmer. It has strawberry shortcake on it. 😋 

My Spanish is improving slowly but I still have so much to learn. I've made a goal to make someone´s bed every day to serve. For some reason, I´m the only one who knows how to make it look neat and I really enjoy doing it. Gaaah I´m running out of time! 

I now sleep mostly through the night but my companion yells and talks in his sleep. sometimes in Spanish which is funny. The missionaries that were here 3 weeks before us will be leaving us next week and I´m going to be super sad when they leave because they've been so helpful and kind to us. I've really grown closer to everyone and they all feel like family. We all connect in so many different ways with our old lives and we probably talk about them way too much. XD 

I realized that my last letter was a little whiny so, I just want to say that I love the CCM down here. My teachers are amazing and so full of the spirit and love for us and each of my classmates brings something powerful and unique to each meeting. Every day gets more memorable and way better than the day before. While yes, it´s hard, I wouldn't have it any other way and I can kind of understand a little bit more everyday why I was delayed and I take great comfort in that. Most of the missionaries here had their time delayed or pushed up in the case of my companion. 

I really wish I could be back home with y'alls again and see your faces but I know that as I serve, I will bring you more blessings and happiness here than if I was there. I really can´t wait to get into the field and meet real people! Also, I can´t wait to not be confined in a building with a fence with armed security guards. It will be really nice to be able to walk wherever. 

I had a breaking point this last week. I was in my bed and I decided to look at our family photos and I just cried because I miss you all so much. 

Time´s up but, I Love you all so much! Keep praying and reading the scriptures because there´s so much power in them! LOOOVVEE YAAALLLLLL!!!!--

~Elder McKinnon


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