January 4, 2017


Guatemala CCM


Elder Livingston

Week 1: Guatemala CCM

Alright where to start!

The plane ride was good and I got to talk to both of the people sitting next to me on the ride from slc to lax and they were both extremely cool people. I hope that what we talked about will get them curious or interested again in the church.

The ride from lax to guatemala was stressful for me because everyone spoke spanish and I could not understand anything plus I needed to use the restroom but I didn´t want to stand up. I fell asleep for like 10
minutes at a time so I didn´t feel rested at all when I arrived in GUA. I did wake up to see the sunrise above the clouds and it was absolutely breath taking!

We got to the CCM (MTC in spanish) around 8ish and we got right to work filling out papers and what not then we had breakfast (cereal) and then after an interview they let us take naps but my room decided to unpack during that time instead.

I have 3 other people in my room. Their names are Elders Meek, Roberts, and my compañero, Elder Livingston. Elder Livingston(From San Diego) and I have similar body types but he actually has muscles XD and Meek and
Roberts (from Southern Idaho and Las Vegas) are pretty large.

All the days here have been pretty good for me but there have been a lot of times when someone just breaks down and cries. I haven´t had that happen to me yet but I feel like it´s coming soon.

Anywho, the food here is pretty good. I eat everyone´s leftovers because we aren't allowed to waste any food so I wouldn't be surprised if I gained 15 pounds in the last week. I've never been so consistently full in my life! The meals are usually pretty hispanic but a lot is American
which is surprising. I always eat Papaya and strawberries or grapes with my meal. For exercise in the mornings, I usually play Volleyball, basketball, or just run a lot. We have machines but I don´t use them very much.

My classes go really well and I enjoy them. My spanish has improved so much and I´m getting to the point where I can converse with the Latinos and they are the Bomb! they´re all so cool and funny and everyone here has so many great stories and great faith.

 We´re teaching an "investigator" and her name is Mikaela. Elder Livingston and I totally rocked the first lesson and we got a baptism date set already but yesterday, I think it was the 4th lesson, she came to the
door and said it was a bad time but we still got in because I asked if we could at least pray with her for five minutes. funny thing about that, I drew a cartoon on my hand that I showed her when I asked for five minutes and it was a little eyeball creature with horns holding a
pitchfork... Oops. she talked to me about it when she was a teacher again. XD anyway, during the lesson we learned that she had sins that she thought she couldn't repent of and we asked for an example or something but she might have said that she killed somebody... WAT!?!
Elder Livingston and I weren't 100% sure that that´s what she said but we´re pretty sure she did. And thus we taught repentance to a cute, innocent looking, single mother serial killer with a pink bow in her hair.

Gaaah I have about 10 minutes left to type.

I got to go to the temple on Thursday I think. it´s on the same block as us.

Well I think I´ll peace out here. I´ll just say that things are really hard here but, if you think about it, Jesus Christ had it the worst and he went through it for us.

Elder Kevin Duncan of the 70 came yesterday and shared a poem similar to that. It was really depressing at first because it was about an elder who had a hard mission with little success but then he thought of Jesus
and his sacrifice and it lifted him up and it lifted me up too.

I know that as you look to the Savior, he will raise you up and sustain you no matter what you´ve done in the past, have faith and trust and you´ll be alright. 110% Love you all! ✌


~Elder McKinnon


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