November 26, 2018


Turín, Atiquizaya


Elder Mendoza

Week 100

Hola familia,
This week was really great. Daniel Mena was baptized on Saturday and confirmed Sunday! Whooooooo but sad cuz I think that he will be my last baptism in the mission but I know that there are a lot of people who have been baptized that I helped convert as well.
Time keeps on moving faster and I've been reflecting a little more on these last two years and I really can't believe how much has happened and how much I've changed. I hope that I can continue changing as I continue to trust in the Lord and His promises that He has given us.
We had interchanges with the APs and it was a blast. Elder Carlson is a stud. I learned a lot from him and from his testimony. I love that dude. Even though he photobombed my posterity photo...... not salty.
I gave my first last testimony haha on Thursday but I think I'll give my last last testimony next Thursday in the MLC but it was a strange experience. I'm usually a pretty good talker but I really couldn't speak very well or organize my thoughts because there were so many! So much has happened and I owe it all to my Savior.
Keep on reading the Book of Mormon every day. It changes and enriches our lives. I love you all have a great week!!!!!!
We went to Ataco last week! later I'll send more photos.

Daniel's baptism

~Elder McKinnon


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