October 29, 2018


Turín, Atiquizaya


Elder Mendoza

Week 96

Hola familia,
Get ready for a longer email. So, because I didn't get to write anything last week, I am going to write a little bit about the last two weeks.
Week 95
This week was full of miracles. I went on interchanges in San Lorenzo with my grandson, Elder Sandoval from Mexico, and we almost died! I have never seen so much flooding in my life! The water in the streets was almost up to my knees and so we were walking around barefoot for some time with our shoes in our hands. We had to go and visit 4 teenagers that lived super super far away and we had to walk all the way because the member who was going to drive us forgot and went to another activity. We were literally hiking up waterfalls to get to the family. My grandson was waling with his shoes untied when we started up the mountain and we got to one point and he said hold up let me tie my shoes. While I was waiting for him, I was looking up the road and I saw the dirt side of the mountain fall over right where I would have been walking! There were some pretty good sized boulders too. I was super grateful that Elder Sandoval was intune with the spirit because if he hadn't have been, I would have been a pancake! There was a lot of opposition to us having the appointment but it was worth all the trouble because the teens are really great and are super excited to continue progressing in the Gospel. Another miracle that happened this week was that even though we didn't have any positive investigators starting this week, we found quite a few positive people and we had 4 people attend church! I was pleasantly surprised and very grateful for all that God has helped us achieve as we really put our trust in Him. As we were walking to an appointment that was pretty far away, I had the impression to visit a house when we came back the other way. As we were returning, we visited the house and spoke with a sister and she told us right away to pass right through the gate. She told us that her husband was killed by the gangsters and her son had witnessed it. I'm not going to describe what they did because it's a little intense. But we prayed with her and she felt peace. I am glad that she could feel peace through our words and I hope that she and her family will progress so that they can have more lasting peace. This last Monday was the craziest Pday ever! In the morning we got ready earlier to go to Ahuachapan to get a birth certificate for a wedding of the Sisters in Sucre and to bring the coolest zone shirts this world has known! After that we returned to Atiquizaya for a Budo Fight. I'm not sure if that's how it is spelt but that's what it sounds like. XD It's how the Filipinos eat. After that, we had to go back to Ahuachapan to get another document for the wedding and go to the clinic and then to the doctor for my finger and my companion's knees. My finger is just swollen so that's why it's all crooked. Easy fix. My companion's knees have a muscle deficiency or something like that. About 7 months ago he got hit in the knee while playing soccer and the doctor said that that isn't the problem anymore but now it is the muscle deficiency. He has to do a lot of special excercises and take some medicine for about 3 months. After that, we finally got back to Turin to rest. Just kidding! We got home and wrote quickly in a cyber for about 5 minutes and went out to work. And that, my friends, was the craziest pday ever. I can't wait to see what this next week brings.
Week 96
This week was a pretty crazy one. The most memorable things is that I finally went on interchanges with the APs. I was with Elder Rucum. He used to be my Zone Leader in Texical so we get along really well. We stayed up talking for a while talking about the mission and the needs of the missionaries. We are both going to be going home the same day so I called our interchange zombie party because we are both dying. XD but we aren't dead yet! The next day we tried a new type of interchange. I went with Elder Barnuevo (Philipines) and Elder Gibson (Nevada USA) and Elder Mendoza went with Elder Alcera (Philipines) and Elder Fernandez (Peru). The idea was really great and I think that we will definitely try using it again in this change. We really got to see how the missionaries work together and it helps us to see really what needs to improve. We are now starting Week one of my last change in the mission. That is weird. haha I still feel like I just got here. XD Another memorable experience was when we came home Saturday, there was a baby bat in our kitchen and the mom kept coming into our house. There isn't a real wall on one side of the house. It just has chicken wire around it but the owners left a part open towards the ceiling and so the bat could get in and out super easily. The bat almost bit my companion when he got the baby bat down and was taking it outside. XD he was screaming and running around like a little girl. XD we left the baby bat on the stairs and the mom came and carried it away. It was a really funny experience. I took pictures of the baby bat. anyway, I hope you all have a great week! Remember to read the Book of Mormon every day! I love you all a tons!
Oh yeah I found a Vikings shirt! haha it's amazing how much stuff from the US ends up down here. XD On Sunday, my companion was cuddling a turkey.
~Elder McKinnon


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