October 8, 2018


Turín, Atiquizaya


Elder Mendoza

Week 93: General Conference

Hola Familia,
This week was pretty busy. We had a Missionary Leadership Training on Thursday which was pretty great. We had a baptism on Saturday in the morning at 8am and all of the sessions of General Conference was a blast. I really loved all of the talks. I noticed that the words Covenant Path were used a ton. I think that I must be missing something that happened in the last 6 months cuz that is some new church vocab. haha But I received a lot of peace and hope from the talks that were given. I got my flight Itinerary... it looks like I'm going to be waiting for 8 hours in Texas... Everything is bigger in Texas including the layovers. XD But at least I'll be home for the 12 days of Christmas. Whooo
It's been raining a ton these last few days. I've actually been cold which scares me because it is still actually really warm compared to Utah. If I am cold in El Salvador, I will freeze when I get back to Utah.
Pretty neat with 12 new temples that are going to be built! We have 3 Filipinos in our zone and they were so so happy to have another temple in their country. And of course it wouldn't be general conference if they didn't announce another temple in UTAH!!!!!!!! XD haha anyway, I love you all a ton. Remember to read the Book of Mormon every day and also Pray each time that you read and ask God if what you read is true. Love you all again. Saluuuuuu!

The baptism of Bayron

And my old shoes! I just slapped a new pair of soles on them so my 3 pairs of shoes will have lasted for my two years in the mission. ye.
~Elder McKinnon


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