September 24, 2018


Turín, Atiquizaya


Elder Mendoza

Week 91: Salvadoreño Independence Day

Hola Familia,
Ok so last week I didn't write very much cuz I couldn't remember what interesting happened and I remembered that WE HAD A PARTY IN FRONT OF OUR HOUSE!!! With the Salvadoreño independence day on the 15th the mayor put a free dance in front of our house. It was pretty loco but hehe they got rained on.
This week was pretty sweet. I am now with Elder Mendoza who is also from Honduras, San Pedro Sula. He is tranquil as a forest on the outside but a fire within. hehe Mulan. He plays the guitar. He really likes rock so that is pretty neat. He is super focused on the mission and goals which is something that I needed so badly. XD Ummmm the only bad thing about him is that he has the memory of a goldfish. XD but he is super awesome.
The zone has crashed a little bit right now. We only have one baptismal date in the 7 areas and it is ours. We are trying to remind the missionaries to go for Gold and not settle for silver and bronze. We have been called to Harvest the white field.
I had a humbling experience yesterday. We talked with an hermano and I thought that he wasn't very positive and secretly I didn't want to return to his house but my new companion insisted. Sooo we went with the bishop and turns out that two of the members of his family are inactive member that want to return to church and there are like 5 other people there that can be baptized! It was pretty neat. My attitude changed so much in that visit. We have to give everybody a chance. It's very likely that they don't accept but there is a chance that they have been looking for our message for their whole lives or they can be the means for finding the people that are really wanting to receive the restored gospel.
Another experience! We had two Young adults randomly show up to church. I love it when that happens! Hopefully we'll be able to find them again this week and get them on track to be baptized.
Speaking of baptism. We had a baptism! William Garcia was baptized on the 22nd of September. He is the funniest kid and has such a great spirit about him.
Here are the photos of the baptism. I haven't taken any photos with Elder Mendoza apart from these so I'll have to repent this week.

General Conference is coming up soon! We are going to have a baptism that day as well hehe. Prepare yourselves! Remember to read the Book of Mormon every day! Love you all a ton! Saluuuuuuuuu
~Elder McKinnon


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