October 1, 2018


Turín, Atiquizaya


Elder Mendoza

Week 92

Dear Family,
     This was a pretty good week. We had a lot of miracles and lots of trials at the same time. Right now we are working on improving the area and focusing on the needs of the members so that they can be more excited to share the Gospel with their friends and family. I think that in the few visits that we've had with the ward leaders has already changed a lot. 
     I've been struggling these past few weeks speaking English. XD It's been pretty rough but I'm improving day by day. Whenever we pray in the house or pray to bless the food we pray in English. My companion is improving really fast as well. 
    This last week we were blessed with finding 16 new people to teach and lots of them accepted the invitation to be baptized and have member support already. It really was a miraculous week.
    The zone is changing a lot right now. We have been focusing a lot on their goals and keeping them committed to achieving each goal. I like how now we are focusing a lot more on the personal goals of the missionaries instead of an already established goal. I feel like it has helped the missionaries feel a lot more motivated to look for new people to find, teach, and baptize which is fantastic. 
   This whole last week I have been designing a zone shirt for the first time ever so I hope it turns out all right. 
   Today I jammed 3 of my fingers on my right hand so writing today has been a struggle hehe But I hope that you all have a fantastic week! Remember to read the Book of Mormon every day! Love you all!
~Elder McKinnon


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