April 9, 2018


Texical Branch, Nahuizalco, El Salvador


Elder Aldana

Week 67

Dearest Family,
This week was pretty interesting because we found a little hidden place where missionaries had never been before. We talked with all of the people and they are actually pretty positive so we'll see if they accept baptism and go to church. This week really flew by super fast! we are already in the second week of this change!! wow! haha We are super stoked because Nathaly, Wilman, and Jefri are going to be baptized this Thursday! Nathaly is the daughter of our branch president but hasn't been baptized because she had a fear of water but she finally overcame her fear and loves swimming now! She will turn 9 the day of her baptism so she will count as a convert. XD Wilman and Jefri are cousins and they are part of the inactive family that we reactivated a little while ago. I just have to say that even though I haven't had many baptisms recently, I am just as proud of the inactive families that have been reactivated. I could count them among my real converts because they are giving the example to all of the regular members by their faith in keeping the commandments, sharing the gospel, and being charitable.
I would just like to share a little story about what happened yesterday with one of these exemplary families. The Lopez family is a little bit poor but they have hearts of gold. The leaders in the church thought to ask them if they were having any economical problems or if there was something that we could do for them but, they always said that everything was fine. The leaders asked them many times during the meetings but they always responded with the same all is well. Turns out that after the meetings, the first councellor of the branch was counting the fast offerings received and he found the slip of the Lopez family and how they, in their poverty, had donated a generous fast offering. Maybe they did need help and maybe they did need help economically but they had the faith to fast and give an offering to help others. Here it is a lot more uncommon that people give offerings and keep all of the commandments but we mustn't let that discourage us from excercising faith and doing what the Lord has commanded us to do. I love the people of El Salvador and I love this Gospel. Every sacrifice has its reward. My Savior sacrificed everything and has received us all. What will you sacrifice for Him?
Well, I sure do love you all. Have a great week!
also our Branch President says hello​

​I took some photos at a river after a service project. You're welcome. ;D
~Elder McKinnon


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