August 6, 2018


Turín, Atiquizaya


Elder Valle

Week 84: Saluu España, Hola Turín y Zona Atíquizaya

Hola Familia,
So lots happened this week especially on Thursday. We had a MLC or a Leadership meeting and we gave a training. It was good. I said a stupid thing and I got super embarrassed but it's whatevs. Repentence exists. It was a good training even though I messed up once. XD After the Leadership training, We went all the way to Candelaria to do an interview and then we went all the way back to our area. When we got to our area we had a ward activity and it was super super awesome. President and Sister Kelley and the Martins came as well. It was really spiritual and turned out really neat. We talked about the Book of Mormon and had some members dress up and act as some of the BOM prophets and we went around following the prophets and the story. It was super cool to see that so many people came to the activity! There was just a herd of people following the prophets which looked super cool. XD After the activity, I went with Elder Dow, our DL, to do an interview but the evil grandma of our investigator got mad and started to do a lot of things to the family. In short, we didn't baptize Angel this last week and he is really discouraged now. We hope that he can still be baptized this month. We were super tired after all that cuz there was no sitting in all of this. I slept really well that night.
I have changes.😭😭 I'm going to Turín in Zone Atíquizaya still as a zone leader. I am super sad to be leaving España cuz it really has been one of my favorite areas but what can you do. I'll be with Elder Valle from Honduras. We've been following each other all over the mission. XD I'm excited to be his companion and do miracles in Atíquizaya.
Well, I really am so so so sad to leave. 😭 well I've got to go eat cuz my tummy is rumbling. Love you all so much! Remember to read the Book of Mormon!

~Elder McKinnon


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