July 23, 2018


Barrio España


Elder Cerda

Week 82

Hello family!
This week was an alright week. We've been pretty stressed out with all of the Zone trainings that we have to prepare. This last Saturday we had a Zone with Stake conference for all future missionaries and leaders in the church. All of the missionaries in our zone were there and there were about 10 members..................... ye. And about 8 of them were from our ward. REPRESENT! But we were a little sad that more members didn't come because the conference was really legit. You've all heard of the 2000 stripling warriors of Helamán but have you heard of the 300 references of Amínadab? If not, go check it out in Helaman chapters 5 and 6. Powerful stuff.
This next week we have our multizone conference which will be fun as always but we still have to finish prepping for our part. Stressful.
The other day we saw President and Sister Kelley in the gas station and we asked for a ride and they drove us to the church. Ye. They are legit.
I was really impacted yesterday in our Gospel Principles class. We were learning about Charity and I got macheted by the Spirit. In order to retain the remission of our sins we have to have charity. We need to help ALL of those who are in need and not judge them. We may think at times that they have brought their own evil upon themselves but it is not up to us to judge. We must help them all and ease their suffering because that is the covenant that we have taken upon ourselves. If you see someone in need this week, judge not and help them out. Love one another as Jesus loves you.
I don't have my memory card adapter so Next week I'll have to add all the gnarly photos we took. Hahaha they aren't that exciting but they are photos. :P Love you all! Remember to read your Book of Mormon!
~Elder McKinnon


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