August 20, 2018


Turín, Atiquizaya


Elder Valle

Week 86: Patience

Hola Familia,
This week I learned to be more patient. Or in better words, I learned I need to be more patient. We had a baptism combined with La Labor so it was a "Big" baptism of 4 children. President and Sister Kelly accompanied us.

We had stake conference which was pretty good. We had the confirmations afterwards and none of the bishopric showed up so I was pretty stressed out cuz we have to do confirmations under the direction of the bishopric. I was pretty mad cuz they announced the meeting and the bishopric was in the stake conference but they all left home really fast and none of them would answer their phones. Sigh. But everything turned out alright. We are looking forward to having another baptism this week.
The message that was most impacting for me in the stake conference was the testimony of a return missionary from Panama. He shared his testimony of the Book of Mormon. He shared that he and his companion had the greatest opportunity to baptize 44 people at once!! All because the indigenous people in panama have book or religion or tradition that many years ago they were visited by a White God that descended from the heavens and taught them how to be better people and he did many miracles among them. It is another proof that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. The book of mormon is our sickle and we must thrust it in with all our might. I felt the Spirit so strong when that return missionary bore his testimony of the Book of Mormon. I too know without a doubt that it is the word of God. Not because a tribe in Central America has ancient beliefs in the visitation of Christ in America but because I have felt the Holy Ghost bear witness to me that it is true. I always invite you all to read the book of Mormon in every letter and I'm going to do it twice today. If you are not reading the book of Mormon every day, Please do it.

Today we ate as a zone Philipino style. It was Pretty delicious. And Cheap! I'll send the photos next week.

Love you all a ton! Remember to read the book of mormon every day!

Our investigators have a purple wig that I tried on. Maybe after the mission I'll grow my hair out like that and dye it... Nah maybe not. Love you all a ton!
~Elder McKinnon


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