June 25, 2018


Barrio España


Elder Cerda

Week 78: This week was unforgettable

Hola Familia,
    This week was unforgettable. We had so many tough days but we kept on working and trying to stay positive and every day we were able to see miracles. Sadly our 3 baptisms didn't end up happening for really small and insignificant reasons which was so frustrating but we kept on working as hard as we could and even though we didn't have the baptisms, I felt like we were really able to bless the lives of the families. Last week we found the Rivas' Lopez family and they are so in need of the Gospel! Basically, every member of the family goes to a different church so they are a little divided. They were also taking care of their uncle who had fallen sick a couple years back and had been paralyzed. When we got there, he had started to get worse and we gave him a blessing but I knew that he was going to die soon. He died on Thursday an hour before we visited them so we ended up helping them put the casket back in the van that was going to take him away. Brother Paco had put on a brave face but after they took away his brother, he started to cry and we were able to comfort him and you could just tell how grateful he was for us. We got permission to go to the viewing which was outside of our area and we sang a hymn. It was a small thing that we did but I feel like it will bear fruit soon. Hermano Paco is Catholic but he said that it might be time to go to church with us. He told us that all of his life members have invited him to go to church but he had been a little stubborn. We hope that we can unite this family because they are all really great but a little confused and divided. We found another really great family this week that is so positive! The Martinez'Limas family is a family of four, the dad works in an embroidery factory or something like that (He gave us samples), they aren't married and aren't going to any church but have many Christian beliefs. We've only taught them twice but it's been so cool to talk with them. In one of the prayers that Hermano Emmanuel gave he gave thanks that we had come and that this is really what his family needs in this time. He's a really great dude. 
    We have changes but Elder Cerda and I are staying here in España. Elder Vasquez is going to Magdalena, Chalchuapa and Elder Sac is going to Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. He finished his mission so that's really sad for me but we are all happy for him. I learned a lot from him. The whole zone has changes except for two areas. 
I'll send pictures next week. Love you all have a great week! Remember to read, pray, and go to church kids.      and adults too! 😜--
~Elder McKinnon


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