June 11, 2018


Barrio España


Elder Cerda (Mexico), Elder Sac (Guatemala), Elder Vasquez (San Salvador)

Week 76: Existen los Milagros

Hey Family,
So this week was full of miracles even though we were super packed with meetings, conferences, and more meetings. But we had a huge miracle!
Hermano Eduardo "Guayo" , age 73, was an eternal investigator for 17 years! All of his family were members for all of that time. Sister Monzón told us that she had fasted for 3 years every Sunday so that he would soften his heart and choose to be baptized. He lived the Gospel most of those 17 years but he just didn't want to be baptized. We were directed to the house of the Monzón family by some members and we invited Hermano Guayo to be baptized on the 22nd of June but he said maybe later. Another couple of days past by and we ran into him and his daughter walking super slowly in the broken dirt street and we asked if we could accompany them to their house. They told us that Hermana Guayo had fainted and fell in the night and had been in the hospital for some time. When we got to their house, they asked us to give a blessing and come back in the night. When we came back later that night, Hermano Guayo seemed very calm. We were preparing to sing a hymn when the bishopric arrived. So we all sang a hymn and read Alma 32 together. Hermano Guayo had tears in his eyes as he expressed his gratitude for us as missionaries and as a ward and that he had decided that he needed to be baptized. We invited him for the 16th but then one of the councillors asked why not this Saturday? and Hermano Guayo accepted to be baptized that Saturday. We had a lot of difficulties at first because we had to prepare him for his interview so quickly but he passed and has a great testimony and spirit. I have never been in a Baptismal service so filled up with people. Many were incredulous that he was going to be baptized but he did it. He gives all of the credit to God and I do too. Miracles do exist. The field is white for the harvest. We just need to follow the promptings of the Spirit and trust in the power of the priesthood and the authority of our calling.
I had my first Stake Correlation. It was pretty neat to be with all of the bishops, mission leaders, and the Stake presidency but man I have a lot to learn and a lot to contribute. It's pretty weird to be with all of the leaders and hear all of the things that are happening in all of the areas.
We did some service. We mowed some lawns with machetes. I will never complain about mowing the lawn ever again. And if I hear someone complain about mowing the lawn, I will loan them my machete and they can do it by hand. XD Speaking of hands, my companion's hands are wrecked. Pure Leprosy.

​ Look at that smug little face.

Well I love you all a ton! Read your book of mormon!-- ~Elder McKinnon


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