May 28, 2018


Barrio España


Elder Cerda (Mexico), Elder Sac (Guatemala), Elder Vasquez (San Salvador)

Week 74: The 4 Nefites! Baptism: Familia Gomez

This week was really really interesting. Many of you may have heard that some of the missions in Nicaragua were closed and lots of missionaries were reassigned or sent home. So we are now a companionship of 4! Our new companion is Elder Vasquez and he is from San Salvador. Duuude
We had a really cool experience yesterday. We were contacting and we found this 83 year old guy and he did not want anything to do with us. XD He was like I am Catholic and I do not like you guys I have 8 bibles and if you want I will show you them. So Elder Cerda took him up on his offer and we got in the door to see his 8 bibles. When we entered, we saw that he had a big Marimba or a Xylophone which was pretty cool. We asked him if he could play it and he played a little bit for us and he was pretty good. He started to talk about mexican music and my comp told him that he was from mexico. He did a little jump and was like INSERIO? hahaha it was so funny to see an 83 year old jump. XD and later he told us that he lived in the States and I told him I'm from Utah and he did another little jump and INSERIO?? haha He is a good guy. His name is Felipe Toledo. When we first talked with him he did not want to give us his name, let us pray for him, nor hear our message but when we left, he accepted a return visit, a pamphlet, and he told us his name and said that he had faith that we would pray for him and that he would get better. When we become friends with people, they are a lot more receptive and more doors are opened to us and the people will recieve more blessings as a result.
I should probably talk a little bit more about my companions. Elder Cerda is now my assigned companion even though we are 4 missionaries. He is from Tamaulipas, Mexico which is on the border of Texas. He has one more change than I do and he is a stud. He is really direct with the people and he has a great testimony. Elder Sac is from Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. He is going to be going home this change which is super sad but he is a great missionary. He is very patient and he doesn't want to finish the mission. Elder Vasquez is from Soyapango, El Salvador which is close to San Salvador. I think... He is also really awesome. He kind of got jipped cuz his mission got closed... Sad story bro.
We also had a baptism!
Nahomi and Ian got baptized this last Saturday by their dad. They were an inactive family but have returned to the church. They are the best. Yesterday we went out to visit and contact with Gloria and Edwin, The parents, and they are super pilas! They really knew how to gain the confidence of the people which was pretty awesome.
​​​​​​I love this Gospel. I know that it is true. I know that my Savior lives. I know that He loves me. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that Joseph Smith was His prophet. Remember to read the Book of Mormon. Our testimony is like a bicycle. If you stop pedaling, it falls over.
Love you all a ton.

Hahaha and the Bishop is holding my waist.... Awkward. 😓

~Elder McKinnon


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