May 14, 2018


Texical Branch, Nahuizalco, El Salvador


Elder Aldana

Week 72: 3 Nephite Zone Leaders

Hola Familia,
This week was pretty good. I have to say good bye to a lot of people because tomorrow we have changes. I'll be going to Barrio España as a Zone Leader. This change is going to be really fun because I'll be in a trio with 2 other zone leaders so I'll have a lot of opportunities to learn from them. Sadly, Elder Aldana won't be training nor will he be a district leader but real soon I'm sure he will be. I'm not exactly sure about all of the things that I will be doing as a Zone Leader but I know that it will be a great learning experience for me. 
   I got to call my family for the last time in my mission. Next time I will see them is when I go home. But I'm not thinking in the house right now. XD
   Just a little story. We had a big sad experience here in our area. I can't say anything specific but I just want to remind everyone to be obedient. We can avoid a lot of trouble if we are just obedient. Obedient to mission rules, parents, and most importantly the Lord. Always be obedient and you will be protected from the adversary. Be obedient and you will know what real freedom is. 
    I love you all a ton. Read the Book of Mormon every day! No photos cuz I don't have my memory. 😥--
~Elder McKinnon


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