April 18, 2018


Texical Branch, Nahuizalco, El Salvador


Elder Aldana

Week 68: The Drought has ended!

Sup Family,
So we had two droughts end this week. It started to rain con todos los poderes and basically the whole zone got sick. haha and we finally had some baptisms!!! Whoooooooo Jefri and Nathaly were baptized on Thursday and confirmed on Sunday! Whooo. It was the most disorganized and most stressful baptism I've ever been in but it was definitely memorable. The plug in the baptismal font did not keep the water from draining so we went in the morning and filled the font. It took forever! and then when we got back the water was gone! so we were filling the font up again and it was just taking forever! we had most of the meeting with the water running and then while we were doing the talks we turned the water off. We could see the water sinking slowly down which was very stressful. Nathaly was baptized first and had to be baptized twice and Jefri 3 times because the water was so shallow. The baptisms were so beautiful but we were a little bit glad when they were over.
We had a super lesson with a partial member family the other day. They 3 daughters are members of the church and they have lots of problems with their mom who is not a member. The mom works hard to sustain the family but she neglects some other motherly duties. The lesson was great because each of the daughters had never told their mom I love you but that day they did and gave here a big hug. It was a really beautiful moment. I hope the family can keep growing closer to gether and that the mom can go to church and get baptized. Love your family guys. ✌
haha Love you all a ton! Read the Book of Mormon every day! It will help you know Jesus!
~Elder McKinnon


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