March 26, 2018


Texical Branch, Nahuizalco, El Salvador


Elder Aldana

Week 65

Hola Familia!
   This week we worked like Burros and we are seeing some major results because of our diligence. We went from having basically no one to teach to having 4 people with baptismal dates 3 others that could have dates this weekend. It felt really good to just give it our all this last week so we'll definietly be doing that again. 
   We went to Sabana Grande which is a little out in the middle of nowhere and we could definitely see the potential that this area has but it requires a little more time that just 2 or 3 days every week if we want to be able to reach that potential. It seemed that all of the powers of the enemy were aimed at discouraging us from returning to Sabana but we are determined that we need to visit in that area.     We are in the last week of this change all of a sudden but it seems like I'm still in week 3 haha. My son has improved many great missionary qualities but he still has a lot to learn. I am really glad for the opportunity to serve him and the people of El Salvador. 
    We had a stake youth activity on Saturday that we helped with in Juayua and it went really well. We gave 5 training lessons to the youth about the 5th missionary lesson which was fun. After the training, the youth went to various areas to contact which was pretty cool. They had some good and bad experiences with that. XD 
     This week is Semana Santa so there are a lot more people in the streets and lots of streets have been closed down because of the processions. It's a little unsettling how much apostacy is so widely accepted. My first Semana Santa in El Salvador was in Ciudad Real and it's not very touristy there but here there are a lot more tourists so the processions are HUGE here. 
   Tomorrow I will complete 15 months in the mission but there has been a small change with the changes. Instead of having changes on Wednesdays, we are going to have changes on Tuesdays. That means I'll be coming home one day earlier! Hahaha I'm a little sad about the changes because it means that we have even less time to say goodbye to the members and converts and everyone. That's probably the only thing that the people hate about the missionaries. They always leave. 
    Well I think that's all for this week. I love you all a ton! Remember to read the Book of Mormon every day! Saluuuuuuuu
~Elder McKinnon



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