January 15, 2018


Texical Branch, Nahuizalco, El Salvador


Elder Packham

Week 55: Texical, Nahuizalco

Wazzup friends and fam,
    So I'm pretty stoked to be here in branch Texical. The people here are super pilas and really loving. We have free pupusas every day if we want but we have lots of dinner appointments AND we have breakfasts. I might finally get fat! XD It's been super windy here and I've been wearing my sweater every day. The wind blew a tin roofing thing off our roof and we couldn't sleep cuz it was making a ton of noise. When we came home Sunday night, someone had fixed our roof and I was just so happy and I hope that that person receives some major blessins cuz man we were getting fed up with all that noise. Our area is huge and we've been working super spread out. No one came to church so that was a bummer. We are going to repent and we're going to baptize the whole town. So I am now a district leader which has been pretty stressful but I know that it's for my own good and for the good of my district. Our old Assistant to the President is now our Zone leader and they are in my district which probably stresses me out the most. XD but I'll learn a ton from them. I'm going to change a ton here in Texical. I've already changed a ton in 5 days. I'll try to get some photos uploaded this week. 
   Ah my new companion is Elder Packham from Salt Lake City, Utah. He is always happy and obedient. He is really awesome even though he speaks a little less Spanish than I do, he has a genuine love for the people and a great focus on the mission. I have much to learn from him. 
    Funny story: When we were waiting to catch a bus to go to the changes meeting, a bald white dude came jogging by and started to tell us in a perfect southern accent if we preach the word outside of the word of God, we're going to hell or something but it was the funniest most random thing that has happened to me. XD
~Elder McKinnon


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