January 1, 2018


La Labor


Elder Mejia

Week 53: Happy Year

Hola Family,     Happy New Year to everyone and happy second year to all my dear friends from the CCM. Felicidades a cada uno de ustedes. Les amo y todavia pienso en ustedes y las lecciones que me han enseñado. Sigan adelante! It's kind of crazy that a year ago I was in the CCM dreaming about getting to the mission field, taking hot showers, eating ice cream every day, and teaching fake investigators. I love what Elder Renlund told us in the conference in San Salvador. He told us if you have 2 weeks or almost 2 years in the mission, it doesn't matter. If you decide right now to serve the Lord with a positive attitude and a positive effort with all of your heart, might, mind, and strength, God will bless you for the rest of your life. We can always dedicate more to the Lord. I believe that the invitation and promise that Elder Renlund extended to us goes for all people, not just missionaries. I invite all of you to do a self evaluation and give a better attitude and a better effort to serve the Lord with your all. 
     We finally have a positive investigator who went to church yesterday! Yayyyyyy! It's been a long time coming but man I am excited. This change is coming to an end so I'm not sure if I'm going to stay here in La Labor or if I'm outtie. Elder Mejia is going to complete his training also so that makes me think that I'm leaving. Plus I had a dream that I left... Hehe
     We had our multizone conference on Thursday. We were taught to refocus on the Book of Mormon and use it always and just from Thursday to now, I've seen the blessings that come when we use that holy text. We played 9 square which was legit. I started out rough but then I started to dominate. Everybody in the world should have this game! President Kelley invited us to finish reading the Book of Mormon before the end of March. I have accepted the challenge and I would like to invite you all to do the same. In Spanish, the Book of Mormon has 642 pages which I figured is about 7 pages a day. I'm reading a little more than 7 pages a day so I hope to finish a little earlier but also actually learn stuff. We studied the last conference talk of Thomas S. Monson and I gave a talk on it on Sunday as well. I would encourage you all to go read it again because it is really really good and it is super super short. Remember to study out the words in your hearts and to put in practice every one of his councels or councils. I can't English anymore. I can't hold any of you accountable for taking or leaving these invitations but please just do it for yourself. God will bless you with more knowledge and protection from the temptations and dangers of the world.
    I love you all a ton and I would love to hear from you all more! Tengan todos un Feliz Nuevo Año!
~Elder McKinnon


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