December 4, 2017


La Labor


Elder Mejia

Week 49: Polvo y Ratas

     This week has been petty crazy and stressful and all the things. Monday and Tuesday were super rough because we did not want to leave Las Brisas at all. We are so sad that we couldn't stay there longer. There were many tears shed and tender moments shared. Nestor, our investigator, will be baptized this Sunday in the morning and when we said goodbye to him and his little brother, Erick, they both cried a lot. It was super hard to say goodbye to them. We couldn't visit all of the peple that we wanted to which was a bummer but I'll see them around. Wednesday was just freaking crazy! After the changes meeting, we got dropped off in our new house, which is the old meetinghouse before the members got an actual church building which is pretty cool. It was super super dirty when we got there so we did a tiny bit of cleaning. We got a new phone so we had 0 contacts and no way to communicate with anybody, we were new to the area so we didn't dare go out into the streets until we knew somebody, and there wasn't any water in the house so we couldn't use the bathroom. Luckily we got basically everything figured out within an hour. We found a number of the President of the Relief Society in the Area Book, we went into the street and met a less active who gave us the direction of  the ward mission leader, who told us how to get to the Branch President's house. President wasn't home so we had to walk like 2 kilometers back to around where we live. The  buses here run a circuit so you can't take the bus back which is kind of sad. But we went around meeting some members with the President which was fun. At night we went on an adventure to find a member's house. We got lost 2 times before the sister sent some neighbors to come find us. The people here are really awesome. We are still getting to know all the people here and that's basically all we did on Thursday but we did meet some potencial investigators which is dope. We cleaned the house in the morning and my companion and I were dying because there was so much dust and rat poop! Oh yeah I forgot to mention that there are rats in our house. If we don't kill them soon, I'll give them names. So we ended the week petty great. We found a ton of new people and we got one to go to church on Sunday which was pretty legit. We are going to do our best to accomplish the goal of having one baptism in December which is going to be tough but I know that if we can do our best to repent and be obedient, we can reach our goal.      The Christmas Devotional was pretty great. I really enjoyed all three of the talks because they made me think about how I need to be serving my brethren that surround me. We are now in December all of a sudden! Don't let the time pass you by without serving your neighbors, friends, and family! Love you all a ton!
~Elder McKinnon


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