November 28, 2017


Las Brisas Ward, Stake Atiquizaya


Elder Mejia


Dear Family and Friends, Yes, I am still alive. These past few weeks have been pretty tiring. We're trying to use the members a little bit more and visit other places which is actually really cool. Getting to know the members and visit them after years of not receiving a visit from the missionaries was really satisfying. Almost every one of them said And this miracle? XD We suffered a little bit with our church attendence but we have got a lot of people who have promised to come next week. Nestor and Susanna, our investigators, had a birthday party for their now one year old daughter, Ailen, and they had a clown. He liked to pick on me cuz I was the only one alive in the whole crowd. He called me and Elder Mejia the dynamic duo but man the people there were tough and I kind of felt bad for Rodrix the Clown. tough crowd tough crowd. Nestor is preparing to be baptized this Sunday but Susanna is a little bit unsure as of now but has the goal of being baptized which is great. We've been seeing the fruits of working with the members more and we've received a lot of references. It is a lot easier to put your friends in the hands of your friends than the hands of strangers. This week I've been trying really hard to repent and put in practice the principles that I've been learning from our leaders and it isn't super hard and the blessings that you receive are really worth it. This week we learned how to set better goals and how to plan better which has always been a weak point for me but it's a neccesary evil. I think that this week I leveled up my communication skill. I was starting to get annoyed with how much my companion was joking around with me but I didn't really do anything to fix it. I just got annoyed and didn't say anything about it but, it occured to me to put in practice what Elder Chavez of the Seventy shared with us in the division of the stake conference and make a compromise and listen to the Spirit when it comes to talking and persuading. Now, my companion doesn't mess around with me so much and I am doing my best to have more patience and actually teach English. We are both a lot more happier. PS our stake divided last week so that was pretty cool. We are now Estacca el Espino. Today mi hijo has completed one change in the mission and I complete 11 months in the mission! The time really goes by fast. Too fast! Well I think that's all for this week. Just remember that Repentence is a gift, not a punishment. I love you all and I hope that you have a fantastic week! <b>
</b><b>THE IMPORTANT PART!!!!!</b><b>
</b> Alright so while we were writing we received our changes and Elder Mejia and I are going to go open the most difficult area in the mission. La Labor. We have heard lots of rumors in these past few minutes but we are going to our best to strengthen the Lord's kingdom in that area. Super sad to say good by to Las Brisas though. I hope that the new missionaries take care of my investigators. anyway. Love ya all a ton!
~Elder McKinnon


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