October 30, 2017


Las Brisas Ward, Stake Atiquizaya


Elder Mejia

Week 44: Baptisms!

Dear Family, This week really flew by quick. We had a baptism on Saturday! Alejandra was baptized and yesterday was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She had been attending church for about a year and a half before she was finally able to be baptized. She is very content that she was finally able to do it. The key to her baptism was the members. Her mom had some bad experiences with some other missionaries so she didn't trust us much but when we brought one of her member friends, she opened up to us a little more and now we're great friends. Hopefully Alejandra's mom will keep her word and come to church soon! We are preparing the twins, Andrea and Nicol, to be baptized this weekend as well but we are having a few difficulties with Andrea and the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We're going to do everything possible to help her find her answer this week. I'd really love to meet our baptismal goals in these next few weeks but I've got to remember that they are people, not numbers. The weekend after this we are planning on 3 more baptisms. If everything goes well, we're going to have a 3 week hot streak with baptisms. Baptizing every week is a big goal but with some hard work and faith, all things are possible. My son, Elder Mejia, is progressing every day. He's very intelligent and sincere but sometimes he just lacks a little bit of organization with his teachings. We've been doing and are going to do a lot of practices so that he can catch the flow of the lessons more. I'm really thankful for his fun-loving nature and his sense of adventure. He's willing to work hard and change which are really great qualities that are going to bless his life immensely. I'm going to take a chance and try transferring photos onto the computer. If I get a virus, so help me. I'll just cry a little and then move on. Love you all a ton and I hope that you have a great week!​

​Look how adorable my son and I look. 😂

​we went tree tipping and got a bunch of bananas. XD Picture of the tree next week.
~Elder McKinnon


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