October 23, 2017


Las Brisas Ward, Stake Atiquizaya


Elder Mejia

Week 43: Elder Mejia, I am your father

Dear Family, This week has been really awesome with my Son! His name is Elder Mejia from San Pedro Sula, Honduras and he's just a stud. I'm teaching him English which is kind of a new thing for me but he already knows quite a bit. I'll have him fluent by the end of our 12 weeks. We had a TON of success this week! We have 4 dates and we are going to have a miracle baptism this Saturday. We are really excited for Alejandra, David, and the familia Peñate. I'm also really happy that my son is going to be able to baptize so early. This week I've been on a pretty spiritual high which has got me pretty motivated to work hard and give it all I've got for the people and for my son. Although I may be working my son too hard because his poor feet are super blistered from walking so much and so fast! XD He's been a good-sport though and doesn't complain much. Being a trainer is going to change me so much for the better. It already has. There's a lot of things that I never really did because I was just the junior companion or my junior companion had a lot more time than me and just did the stuff. For example, the ward attendence. I totally spaced that. But now I know so I'll do better! This week for one of our lunches I ate some cow belly which was kind of gross. It didn't taste bad but it just smelled like cow poo which made it hard to swallow but I ate it all. I was pretty sad to see some of my best friends in the mission go home. Most of them were there when I came into the mission. I will miss them a lot and hope to see them soon. My convert, Erick Rincan, is super pilas and he is such a good example for his family. His brother, David, is getting ready to baptized on the eleventh of November but Erick is the one that has been the biggest help for David with keeping him motivated and reminding him to read the Book of Mormon. The other day we had a stake dance over here in Las Brisas and there was a dude who challenged Erick to a dance-off but Erick is a fantastic breakdancer. The other kid did like two flips and then made an I'm watching you gesture and walked to the edge of the circle. Erick started out with some fancy footwork and then started his floor routine and destroyed the other dude. I just felt so proud of him when I saw the video. That's my convert! He's going to be a fantastic missionary.
~Elder McKinnon


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