October 9, 2017


Las Brisas Ward, Stake Atiquizaya


Elder Chappell

Week 41: Got to go fast

Dear Family,
This week was one of the fastest weeks I've had in the mission! We found a ton of new people to teach but sadly, we only had 3 investigators come to church even though we had planned like 8. Rough. But our two twin investigators got their baptismal interviews Sunday and are now ready to get baptized this next Saturday! Please keep Andrea and Nicol Moran in your prayers.

I macheted the ward in fast and testimony meeting for coming late to church. When we took the sacrament, there were only like 40 people and then after we took the sacrament, the other 60 showed up... It's the most important part of all of Sunday! If you go to church late I would encourage you to strenghten yourself to get to church 15 minutes early and I promise you that you'll enjoy the sacrament meeting more and the rest of your day and week as well.

Saturday we visited a less active family. They're a pretty small family with just a mom, a dad, and an eight year old daughter. Their daughter is going to turn nine in a couple weeks so we're going to try to get her prepared for baptism. The hardest part might be preparing her family for her baptism. My heart literally broke though. We asked the parents if they would go to church and they both said no. Then we asked little Marjorie if she wanted to go to church and she said yes, I want to go to church and I want to be baptized but my mama and papa don't want to go to church so I can't. Her response was just so pure and she started to cry a little bit and then Elder Chappell asked her to repeat what she said so she did. There was a little tear on her eyelash. I wanted to say something but it felt more right to just let the silence work on her parents. The look on her dad's face was really pained. He grew up in the church so he knew what he was denying his daughter but maybe until then he didn't understand how badly she wanted to be baptized. Marjorie's mom is a little bit more hard of heart but I get the feeling that they will come around. We taught them about a promise in Doctrine and Covenants 67 verse 10 and we taught them about humillity and it was a really good lesson. They told us that it had been a while since the missionaries had actually shared something with them from the scriptures. They usually just went to eat and pass the time. Just remember that you can be buena onda and still teach people.

On Tuesday we had our district meeting and our District Leader, Elder Castro, assigned us to talk about unity in the companionship so I had to do a self machete. He told me later that that was his intention because he knows that I've been having problems some difficulties with my companion. It was a pretty strange experience to be the one standing in front of everyone as a "teacher" but I felt more like the student because I felt like every comment was directed to me.

I'm a little sick which is garbage but it could be worse.

This change has gone by so fast! This is the last week of this change. We are thinking that Elder Chappell is going to be leaving pretty soon because he only has two more changes left and already has 3 changes here in Las Brisas. Just to clarify, Yes, I had changes. I have been in Las Brisas which is a ward near the city Ahuachapan but is actually in Stake Atiquizaya.

Love you all a ton!
~Elder McKinnon


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