October 2, 2017


Las Brisas Ward, Stake Atiquizaya


Elder Chappell

Week 40! General Conference weekend

Dear Family, This week went by way too fast! We utterly failed with finding new people to teach but we are doing really well with other things like putting 4 baptismal dates on Sunday! I'm super stoked for our upcoming baptisms! All this week I was looking forward to General Conference a ton and I just loved all of the talks that were given. I know that the 12 Apostles are honorable men called of God and that there is a living prophet here on the Earth today. I cried a little bit in some of the talks because they really touched my heart. Jeffrey R. Holland is always super awesome and passionate. I have a love hate relationship with the classic call to perfection. It is a commandment but it is just so hard! But God loves us so He sent His Only Beggotten Son to make up the difference After our best effort. The very last talk by Elder Neil L. Anderson also really touched me. RIP Elder Robert D. Hales. I was moved that Elder Anderson shared a part of Elder Hales' talk. Our faith prepares us to meet God. Our investigator turnout was a little disappointing but I had a really great experience with this General Conference. A funny quote from my companion. "I'm so glad it's General Conference week! It's like 3 p-days in a row!" XD
​Here's our mutant pineapple that we bought. It's like a person that has two crowns in their hair. XD

My companion teaching English

And Erick's Baptism!

~Elder McKinnon


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