September 18, 2017


Las Brisas Ward, Stake Atiquizaya


Elder Chappell

Week 39

Dear Family, Monday was a pretty good day. We ate some fake Chinese food for lunch. I ordered some pollo a la naranja which was kind of like orange chicken but they gave me a TON of sauce so it was basically like a super sweet soup. Kind of gross so it was the first dish that I didn't finish on my mission. We cleaned a bit of the house and went grocery shopping. Erick, our investigator, got permission from his mom to get baptized so it seems that we're going to have a sure baptism for the 23rd of September! Pray for Eric because he'll probably be seeing some challenges up ahead. Elder Chappell is teaching me how to solve rubix cube so I might need to get me one of them here in the future. He's really awesome and wants to teach me so many things! XD
The week went by pretty fast. Everybody's been preparing for the 15th of September which is Independence Day for El Salvador so Happy Independence Day! A lot of people were practicing for the parades so it was a little difficult to find most of the people that we wanted to visit and also new people to teach. Before I came to Las Brisas Elder Strong and Elder Chappell were working out in a colony called las Viñas but we haven't been able to go visit any of our many investigators over there because the 4 people got killed recently over there... So we did lots of walking around this week trying to find new people to teach a little closer to home.
On Thursday we had a multi zone conference with Elder Ochoa of the Seventy and it was just super great! I took 4 pages of notes which is a ton for me! XD He basically only taught us out of one scripture, Doctrine and Covenants 67 10. He taught us that if we are feeling angry or jealous or we aren't enjoying the mission it's because we are thinking about ourselves. The scripture promises us that if we can humble ourselves and get rid of jealousy and fear, we can see Christ. Also President Kelley taught us about the Sabbath day and how to teach it in a way that it will have meaning for investigators. I was really glad he did that because the whole mission is having trouble getting people come to church. I really believe that our leaders are called of God and receive revelation and guidance for each one of us. Listen to them! Erick is progressing towards baptism rapidly and he quit coffee the day that we taught him about the word of wisdom. We're looking to have his baptismal interview on Sunday. We found a family of 4 who are really positive and 2 of them came to church on Sunday last week. The family is a little unsure about getting baptized again but they are pretty intelligent and understood the role of the Book of Mormon and prayer which made me feel really proud of them. One thing that I've really loved about Las Brisas is the members. They are all really willing to come out and visit with us. On Friday we had a super long lesson because the member we brought just didn't want to stop talking. She just wanted to help our investigators so much! XD Sunday was really great because Erick got his baptismal interview and he passed! He just has a few questions about the day of rest but we'll be able to answer his questions in these coming days. Keep Erick in your prayers! We were also able to go back to Las Viñas and we found some new investigators that were pretty positive. The other day we were doing a service project by mixing cement and putting in a little water runway thing so that the rain doesn't destroy the roads and a wasp stung me on my hand and it's been a little swollen and itchy all week... that's what I get for trying to be a nice guy. Kidding always be a nice guy even if you get stung by a wasp. Something I forgot to say last week is that with changes I got to meet Elder Skinner who I knew before the mission and what's cool is that the missionary was my last companion Elder Anderson! And thus Elder Skinner was born in Candelaria. I know that he'll do great and maybe convert someone by destroying them in Super Smash Brothers. XD Just Kidding but he will do great!
~Elder McKinnon


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