July 31, 2019


Manchester, New Hampshire


Elder Hardcastle

Week 99 - Record Breakers

Hey Everybody!!
I hope that y'all have been able to have a great week! This past week has honestly been like so crazy! I know I have said that for about the past month or so now, but it is so true! We had a Mission Leadership Council last Tuesday. It went well in my opinion, but who knows if it actually was any good because we were the ones that ran pretty much the entire thing!
The rest of the week was just a lot of planning with President Beck. A lot about transfers, upcoming trainings, interviews, and pretty much everything else that we have to figure out for the Beck's first full transfer! That took up a lot more time that we had ever hoped that it would. And with it being Elder Hardcastle's last week or so in the mission now, we have been going around and seeing everybody. 
One amazing thing that happened this week that was pretty record breaking though was Sacrament Meeting this week. We had sat down on the back row right when they were starting the meeting. As I sat there I looked around and felt a little sad because the pews were a little empty. As I sat there and thought that though, it was like the flood gates opened and the windows of heaven started to pour out blessing. And man did we get drenched!! Just kidding about the drenched part, but by the time the first speaker started speaking we had nine people who aren't members of the church, plus their kids, plus a whole bunch of recent converts! It has got to be one of the best sights I have seen! I will send some pics of only some the people after church, and the rest weren't in the pics. 
Well, sorry for the late email, but I hope all of you have a stellar week and do some good things! I love you all!

Elder Brown
105 Wind Song Ave
Manchester, NH 03104  


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