March 18, 2019


Essex, Vermont


Elder Augir

Week 80 - Spring is on the horizon!

Hey Everybody!!!
Well it is beginning to look like spring here in Vermont! After a long winter and lots of snow, we finally had 2 days in a row that we had warm weather. On Friday it even got up to about 62 degrees! It was super awesome and everybody in New England seems to come out of their shells when it gets a little bit warmer and they are all a lot happier! But also in classic New England style, everybody was saying that "This winter has been the worst winter we have had since (Insert random year, like 1982)!", or they say "We have never had this much snow!" when it reality pretty much all winters are created similar. I love them for it though. Also I met one of the first people that absolutely loves winter and is devastated that it is almost over. 
This week was pretty good though. We had a handful of meetings to attend including stake conference and interviews with our mission president. We had two different exchanges we went on and all-in-all a pretty solid week. The first exchange was with this Elder named Elder Ayers from New Mexico. We had a good time and some pretty crazy experiences while we were up in some super rural parts of Vermont. So in the latter part of the week it was warm, but the first part of the week it has snowed a couple inches. If any of you have ever experienced snow that is super wet, but it is still really cold enough to keep it from turning into slush, then you might know that it gets all kinds of slippery. Well the snow that came down the night before our exchange was that kind of snow. We almost got stuck a handful of times (It was also Elder Ayers' first time driving on his mission), but one time in particular was interesting. We went to stop by this person who had showed some interest in meeting with the missionaries in the past, but had never been followed up with. So we went into the sticks and we got to the correct address. We went down the driveway with two tires and then decided that we should probably just stay out on the road. Well the driveway is just a little downhill, and we tried to back up but started sliding down instead. We decided that we were deep into it enough now that we might as well send it fully. We pulled up the the little humble abode and we start walking to it and we just see the door open a little and shut a little, and then came the barking. Soon we had two big dogs not acting too nice towards us. The owner peeked his head out and just shook his head and went back inside. Well we called it a no and tried to get out of there. After 15 minutes we finally got out and was on our way. Oh I love the people of Vermont. And I also love the roller coaster they put into all of the roads after winter. 
This week we were able to have a really cool spiritual experience with the family that we are teaching that hasn't been progressing really. They finally told us some stuff that they have been dealing with since they've been meeting with us and now we can finally know how to help and support this family that we love. 
We had stake conference this week and we had some really good meetings. During the adult session they had the CEO of the VT food bank, which was not something that I had seen every Sunday. There were a couple quotes that I liked a lot. "Your time spent doesn't have to be 20% gospel and 80% life/world. It can be 100% gospel AND 100% life/world." and "Let your covenants be paramount and your obedience be exact". Then for me personally, I have felt strong prompting about the Book of Mormon recently and the importance of it. I love the Book of Mormon. I know that it contains answers to each question in our lives. It teaches us how to live. It can give us joy. 
I love you all and I hope you all have the best of weeks! 
(Next week my p-day will be on Tuesday because of transfers.)

Elder Brown

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