January 28, 2019


Essex, Vermont


Elder Augir

Week 73 - Praying for Miracles

Hey Everybody!!

I hope that you all have had a great week! The weather here has had its ups and downs this week. It wouldn't have been too bad if we had our car, but it had an extended stay in the shop and wasn't looking like it was going to be done until next week. Then we got a call on Thursday saying that it was done and we had been praying for some sort of miracle for our area and it was pretty miraculous to get our car back! You don't appreciate some things until you lose them, and I definitely appreciate having a car in these cold Vermont areas! 

We were able to go on two exchanges this week. The first one was with the Middlebury Elders. I was with Elder Cook, who I had gone on multiple exchanges with back in the day when I was in Maine. We still didn't have our car back that day, but we were able to see a way cool miracle of talking to this guy, Oliver, on the bus. He was straight from the hood in Cali haha. He wanted to learn more about the Book of Mormon though! Then later in the week I was on exchange in Rutland Vermont and we had a pretty interesting evening... haha but I will tell more about that later haha. 

We had some extra meetings this week as far as coordinating the missionary work in the stake and doing stuff for that. Another person that we were able to find this week was this mid-aged lady named Kayla. It was pretty funny. We were in the grocery store trying to buy a gallon of milk (But it was soooo expensive so we didn't) and we were looking at the discount desserts from the bakery. We joked with her about the desserts and then we started talking. She seemed like she might be interested in learning more about the gospel and she mentioned how she wanted to find peace in her family. Then as quick as the conversation started, she left. She was going way fast down towards the next isle, but I knew I couldn't let her go! So I yelled back to her and chased her down (very nicely and not too awkward like haha) and we talked more about how the gospel blesses our families and she totally wanted us to come back and teach her! I do know that the gospel of Jesus Christ blesses our families and it is through the gospel that we can experience the most joy in our families!

I love you all! I hope y'all have a great week! 

Elder Brown
105 Wind Song Ave
Manchester, NH 03104


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