January 1, 2019


Lynnfield, Massachusetts


Elder Veroneau

Week 69 - New Year--New Area!

Happy New Year’s Everybody!

I hope the New Year finds all of you happy and healthy! The New Year is already bringing in some new changes for me! So we got new about transfers this morning and I will be leaving the Lynnfield Ward. It is super sad because I have really come to love this area and this ward. I have met people here that have had an impact on my life that will last forever! I have learned so much here. But change is supposed to happen and so I will be heading up to the Essex, Vermont area. I will be a Zone Leader up there! I don't really know too much about Vermont... I know they get a lot more snow than Massachusetts, but that is about it! It is funny because Vermont is just one entire zone, so if you are not serving there or around there, then you don't know too much! But I will have more to report on Vermont next week!

This week has been action packed here in Salem though. We moved into our new apartment on Thursday. It is right in downtown Salem and it is way nice! Too bad I only get to stay here for a week! I didn't even have to unpack!

I was able to give my last district council in this area on Friday and then after that we went on Exchanges with the Lynnfield 2 Elders. Which is kinda funny because we have been living with them for the last 6 weeks, then we get a new apartment for one night, and then the next day they are right back with us! I was on exchange with Elder Beckstrand and we had a great time. He is a super cool Elder and we were able to see some cool miracles! We were able to find 4 new people to teach and have a great time!

I would just like to share one story of one of the people that we found this week. We were just walking down the street in Salem and he was smoking a cigarette outside an apartment complex. We start talking to him and he sees the Book of Mormon I was holding and he asked what it was. I told him and he asked me to read something in it. I asked him what about, and he said acceptance. So I opened up the book and read him a scripture, and right after I finish a car pulls up right behind us and stops in the middle of the road. He starts to leave and right before he leaves we get his apartment number. He zooms off. Well the next day we stop by. He is a little bit crazy the first lesson, and we showed up during the Pats game. Also there is a couple things you don't mess with Massachusetts people with. One of them is the Patriots. So weren't getting much accomplished in that lesson, so we left. He told us that we could "come back and save him tomorrow". To make this story shorter, we actually had a great talk about repentance. He has gone through a lot, as many of us have. I don't want to go into detail, but essentially he said he would just have a hard time committing to repenting and being honest with himself. We took a sticky note and wrote "COMMIT!" on it and stuck it on the pamphlet that has repentance in it and told him he had to be real with himself. It was surprisingly good and spiritual. We were pretty bold with him and I can just testify of repentance. It really doesn't matter what we've done. What matters is what is holding us back. Don't let the past hold you back. You could even make a resolution about it, I heard this time of year is pretty good for that haha. I love the Savior because he makes it possible. Commit.

I hope you all have a great New Year and I am sorry for the kinda long email! I also have a bunch of pictures this week, so bear with me! I love you all!
Elder Brown
105 Wind Song Ave
Manchester, NH 03104

1. Elder Beckstrand and myself making Christmas breakfast
2-5ish: District pictures after District Council on Friday
6-8ish: District P-day on Wednesday
9ish: His name is Nyc, he is in the ward, and he just got his mission call to the Orlando Florida mission. Solid!
10ish: Stefano. He is from Brazil. IDK if I told you the story about his aunt that we sang to? If not ask me later lol
11-12ish: Elder Beckstrand and I exchange pictures. This was on top of our new parking garage in Salem. We also have matching Hydro Flasks!


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