December 3, 2018


Lynnfield, Massachusetts


Elder Veroneau

Week 64 - It is December!!!

Hey Everybody!

Well it is crazy that it is December! I have heard that most places it feels like December most everywhere, but surprisingly it doesn't feel too much like it here in Massachusetts! It was 56 and sunny today! It is probably just that I am in the most southern part of the mission, because most of the mission has been getting pounded with snow and cold!

This week was an exciting one with inverviews, stake conference, and other meetings! So our district council this week got moved a couple days earlier because was one of the area presidency members of the 70 was coming for our stake conference, and long story short he just moved around a bunch of our meetings, which is just fine! President and Sister Blair were at my district council though, so it made for some stressful times, but it was all good because we had a great meeting!

In other news, Matt pushed his date back a couple weeks. It is not because he isn't ready to be baptized, but it is just so the person who introduced him to the church will be able to be there. The more the merrier!

We have had some other really cool things happen this week. We were able to talk to a ton of cool people, and start teaching a few new people this week. One of them being this guy named Daniel. We were on exchanges this week when we found him. We knocked on his door and he originally shut us down hard core, but we testified a bit and he said we could come back. Then for our return appointment, when we got there he said that he had read a good amount of the Book of Mormon and feels great about it and then he said that he thinks his son stole it because he wants to read it! The Book of Mormon is the word of God people!

One last thing that happened this past week was that we planned a caroling event for December 1st at this event called "Christmas in Salem". So we planned it out and then got the whole district there and walked down the busy streets of Salem and caroled! It was way fun! I will send some pics of it, and there is a video on Facebook of us singing that one of the sisters in my district took live. It was awesome to be able to brighten people's days by just some simple singing. And yes, sometimes it helps to brighten when you wear a bright red sweater! (Shout out to grandparents!) It is amazing that this one holiday that is centered on Jesus Christ can bring so much peace, but only if we allow it. I know that if we focus this Christmas season on Jesus Christ and serving others, we will have so much joy!

I love you all!!


Elder Brown
105 Wind Song Ave
Manchester, NH 03104

1-6: Christmas in Salem. The last picture of just me taking a selfie, has a funny story. So I was taking the selfie and those kids riding there bikes yelled "Family picture!" so I just turned around and selfied with them!

7-8: We walked around Salem this P-Day


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